Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm a Slacker

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted in a whole week. That puts some pressure on me to deliver something incredibly witty or at the very least to offer something profound, but alas, I've neither.

Travis did get a new job today! Hold on to your seats ladies because you won't belive what he's doing! He's a BAKERY CLERK for Publix!!! My husband is going to have to learn to bake!!! During his interview the store manager told him it was the quickest way to move into management so Travis accepted. He's going to have to continue to work at Ruth's Chris for now so that's a bummer, but we're very thankful.

Before we moved I signed up under Christina to do Arbonne and haven't launched my business yet (I've been a little busy). But that is going to happen in the near future so I'm excited and a little nervous about that. Arbonne is really the only thing I can do and not have to be away from the girls full time. As it stands right now Halle cries when anybody holds her except for me. I couldn't imagine being away from her for 40+ hours a week. The products are incredible so I don't mind representing them it's just the "selling" aspect. I did that with real estate, but I think I'm much more likely to sell a tube of lipstick than a house.

We are very excited about this summer. Shane and Angie want us to go to the beach for a week with them for the 4th of July.

The 4th is absolutely my favorite holiday. I think it's because it's much more low key than Christmas. There's no stress, you just fix a BBQ dinner, watch fireworks with friends and family, and have a great time. It's warm outside so you're not wearing a parka and there are no presents involved. Overall I think it's a great holiday. Ever since Trav and I were married I've wanted to watch fireworks on the beach so I'm very, very excited.

Chloe is a hoot! She has been playing hide-and-seek with Travis this morning. She always hides in plain view, in the same spot and if Travis pretends he can't find her for too long she'll say "here I am". She's so cute!

Amanda is going to a Barlow Girl concert with a friend on Wednesday. She actually met 3 people at church last week so things are looking up a bit for her as well.


mary said...

This is all very exciting. Kris had talked to Travis and I knew that Publix was in the works but didn't know about the bakery part. Fun stuff...maybe he can bring home some good left-overs. I am planning to have Christina here at the house for an Arbonne class, the first Saturday in April. I've been putting it off for so long because I've had a lot on my mind but I really want to do it. I'm confident now that by then we will only own one house and that will be a load off. Can't wait to see you guys again and I'm excited for you about the beach trip too. Sounds like it's perfect for you.

Angie said...

Go Travis! Publix Rules! We are very happy for you and I'm sure you will look just as handsome in the hairnet as Shane did when he started out in the Deli!
We can't wait to see you guys and meet the newest addition to the Button Clan!

Amy said...

I didn't realize Shane started out in the deli. I'll make sure I get a picture of him in a hairnet.

I can hardly wait for Destin, I'm gettin' a tan!!!

Joyce said...

Can I have a hairnet photo too?

Amy said...

I'll make sure to put it on ofoto so everybody can have one.