Friday, October 27, 2006

I think I've just spent the last hour or so looking through my archives and realized that blogging is more than just letting your friends and family know what's going on, it's a journal that you can look back on and remember things long forgotten. So, I'm turning over a new blogging leaf so to speak. I have much to write about and with the busyness and stress of the last month I've let it go but I plan on being back in action- at least posting more frequently than once a month.

Anyway, for those of you that are wondering, we closed on our house on Friday, October 13th. It's funny that our first home purchase would be on Friday the 13th but we're not superstitious so it doesn't really matter except for ironies sake. One of the reasons that I haven't posted is because I've been waiting to upload pictures of our house but since there are still boxes everywhere I haven't been able to. But we bought a fixer that needs a lot of cosmetic "fixing" but is structurally sound. It's very small and we don't have enough room for everything so we're having to get very creative but we have a plan and at some point it will look amazing.

God has truly blessed us and we're so thankful. I was driving home from Hendersonville and there was a break in the clouds, the sun was shining, and I was on a stretch of road that has, a park, trees, historic homes, trees, hills, and trees and the wind was blowing furiously, knocking autumn leaves all about and it was truly amazing. It definitely seemed like something out of a movie and I've dreamed of living in a place like this for my whole life and I was so thankful for Gods goodness. I'm looking forward to getting much more involved at our church and Chloe has already started getting involved by joining a dance group that's going to perform for the Christmas program. She was so excited and this seems to be perfect for her and her personality.

We'll have a busy weekend traveling to B'ham for my Mom's 60th birthday tomorrow morning and will come back early Sunday morning to catch the second service at church. And then more unpacking and organizing. I promise to post some pics soon.