Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Flu Part Deux

OK, so I guess I don't have the flu. I'm just achy, dizzy, and don't feel like eating too much. I don't have a fever and still feel well enough to care for children. That really is a blessing because Trav has been working day and night for the last 10 days. He's home for the afternoon before he goes to work at 6.

I think that Chloe does have the flu or some wretched illness like that. I hate it when she's sick. She's got a fever, a sore throat (you can actually see the glands in her neck protruding), and hasn't eaten since yesterday. I'm going to Publix in a little while to get her anything she wants. If you ask her how she's feeling she'll respond (in typical Chloe form) "I'm feeling weally gweat". She's so sweet! When her fever is up she'll ask me to carry her to the couch and hold her, but other than that she's still dancing around unfazed by the illness.

And just a note to my mother-in-law, Travis opened the mints you got him and gave me one. He said he's saving the rest of them until football season! He's so cute!

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mary said...

I love to hear Chloe talk. I can just hear her cute voice saying how weally gweat she feels.