Friday, February 18, 2005

Meals on Wheels

Since we haven't started the church yet, which btw is scheduled for the first Sunday in March, my Dad and I have been delivering for Meals on Wheels. We have met some interesting people and it's really nice to be able to do something in the community. Everyone that we deliver to seems so appreciative and we met one very interesting gentleman in particular. His name is Frank and he lives back in the woods by himself. His wife died 4 years after they moved into the house and he's been alone ever since. But he makes the most incredible furniture. He showed us his whole house full of the things he's made. He made the most beautiful Bombay Chest, a Grandfather Clock, an incredible rocking chair, and many other chests and tables. It really is neat to get out and meet people and be able to minister to them without the "ministry" label.

It looks now like we will not be affiliated with the COG and will be striking out as independant for now. You can always choose an affiliation later. Services will start at Mom and Dad's house and will grow from there.

I have found a new motivation for the excercises that I hate, push-ups, tricep dips, and crunches. It helps me if I say something while I'm doing the exercise that is motivation for me to do it. For example, with crunches I say- bi-ki-ni, trip-to-thebeach, or smaller jeans. It really helps and I do many more crunches that way. I used to just do them until they felt too uncomfortable and then I'd say "whoo, can't do anymore of that"! I'm noticing a difference and am looking forward to a couple of months from now when I've made much more progress.

Halle is getting cuter by the day. She wakes up smiling every morning and has started doing this squeaky/yell thing when I'm not paying attention to her. I can hardly wait for our friends and family to see her!

Amanda and I will be taking a walk today for our daily exercise. It's kind of chilly, but perfect for a walk in the woods.

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