Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bedtime and Mocha

Saturday Trav and I decided to "get a little crazy" and go out after our bedtime, or at least close to it. We put the girls down by 8:30 and headed out to Starbucks. We hadn't tried this approach before but it worked very well. Typically when we have Amanda watch the girls Halle cries incessantly and I'm stressed out the whole time because I'm expecting a phone call at any second. But since she was in bed and typically sleeps without any interruptions I was able to relax and enjoy the company. The music and atmosphere were great, the coffee drink not so much. I guess that's what I get for trying something new. Or because I tried something "lite"- yuck! The downside is that we stayed out kind of late and ended up going to the late service at church which takes up a lot of the day. The advantage to going late is that everybody is fed, dressed, brushed, and not stressed. The downside, as I just mentioned, is missing a lot of the day.

Speaking of church, we've been going to New Song for the last several weeks and are really enjoying it. The pastor is doing a series on Abiding in the Vine and we're getting a lot out of it. The kicker is that Amanda told me that she likes it! And I'll tell you that if things don't fit Amanda's agenda she typically doesn't like it. So this is a huge big deal. Oh, and I failed to mention that Amanda told me that she likes it without me bringing it up-hmmm, interesting. It was also very cool that the week before last Chloe came home singing,
Mercy is falling is falling is falling
Mercy is falling is falling is falling
Mercy is falling is falling is falling
(something unintelligible-sounds like on you or ub you)
Hey, oh, streams of mercy (sung while running around the living room chair and dancing)
repeat, repeat
And this week she told us about the vine and the branches and Jesus is the vine. I'm excited that she comes home from church and has learned a lot.

We haven't been to Life Groups yet and Amanda hasn't been to the youth group yet so we'll see how that goes.

And in more news...
Chloe spilled and entire glass of water on my old computer. I say "old computer" but up until Saturday it was the computer I used on a regular basis. All of my pictures were in it and I'm more than a little frustrated. She wasn't supposed to have a drink while on the computer but she doesn't always obey- I know it's hard to fathom that. In her defense though since we don't currently have our computer desk the kitchen table is also serving as a computer station so the rules are a little "murky". Anyway, on the upside Trav thinks he can get the pics off my old hard drive and I'm now using a slightly newer computer that Travis rescued from work or something. And he was holding out on me. He just installed a much, much larger hard drive that he had stashed away so I have lots more space for pics. He actually has worked on it since Saturday night and it's been an ordeal but it worked out ok.

I also completed two scrapbook pages, my first ever! I don't really love scrap booking but I like having pictures saved and documented and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that's going to do it. I don't know we'll see how it goes. They do look nice though.

I guess that's enough rambling for now. I will ramble much more later...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Amanda the Alligator Wrangler

This post actually has nothing to do with the picture but I thought it was cute. I took this picture at Barnett Park in Lakeland. Just before we moved the City of Lakeland closed off a street that ran around Lake Mirror and Publix funded Hollis Garden and Barnett park. We never got to go before we left and hadn't been while visiting before now. I was really surprised at how beautiful the garden was and at the quality of the park. Of course, with Publix involved I don't know why I expected anything different. Lakeland has truly emerged as a beautiful city and I miss it.

In other news, for Christmas Travis purchased a pampering type package from a salon in Bellvue that had a bunch of services that I wouldn't typically do so I cashed in on some of the things this past Tuesday. I received a deep conditioning treatment and scalp massage, a clear gloss "color" treatment, and a haircut and style. Typically I run into Fantastic Sam's when I can't stand my hair for another second get it dry cut and throw it into a ponytail for the rest of the day. This treatment took two whole hours! If I'm going to be completely honest though after an hour into it I was really bored and would have rather been at home. I think if I'd made some drastic changes rather than getting a clear gloss and a trim I would have been happier. Not to complain, it is a very thoughtful gift and when I try the facial and light treatment I might like that much more. Of course, a two hour hike would be much more relaxing for me. I guess I'm just not into that stuff. I mean I really like it but sitting in a chair for that long is not relaxing. If I could get all that stuff done and it only took 30 minutes that would be fantastic.

And in more Button news- Halle is walk/running! She really just walks very fast-like her Daddy! I'm not sure if it's to get where she wants to go quickly, to keep from getting caught, or to keep from falling. It's probably some of all of that. But crawling seems to be a thing of the past, it's kind of sad but she is much happier. She now fusses when we go to Chick-Fil-A and Chloe gets to go into the play area before her. It's so cute to see them playing together. They giggle and play games and I love watching it. Life is good. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I've Been Tagged

OK, so I've been tagged. I guess it's not a really big deal and it gives me something to post about without giving it too much thought. Now I was "tagged" last week and I think all of the other tag-ees have already posted but since I wasn't given any rules I don't feel too bad about being behind. So here goes...

Four jobs I have had. Hmmm, well I've had several so I guess I'll just mention the memorable ones

1. Roasted Corn Girl- Sounds interesting, huh? Well, when I was in college my parents bought a booth at the flea market and sold roasted corn and soft drinks. I was the register operator, drink getter, occasionally I was the corn shucker, and butterer. In the area that the market was located there was a large population of Mexican migrant workers and they made up a large portion of our customers. I learned a few spanish words, which I don't know how to spell, and that you could put some crazy stuff on an ear of corn.
Mayonaise? Yuck!
Butter and Lemon Pepper? Very good!
Cayenne Pepper? No thanks!
Franks Hot Sauce? Pretty Good!
You get the idea. I was also proposed to on a regular basis. I guess maybe they just skipped dating, anyway it was fun and I got to talk to my Dad a lot. I think I liked that part the best.
2. Server at the Olive Garden. Mmmm, Olive Garden. In college, after the flea market, I needed to work as few hours as possible and make a lot of money (I guess I didn't mention the ridiculous amount of money my Dad paid me) so I decided to wait tables. Since the Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant I decided to work there. I got a 50% discount when I was working and that was great. I don't really want to do it again but it was a great college job.
3. Minister of Music- After college I was a minister of music. After college I moved away from home and became the minister of music for a church. It was cool and was what I went to school for but I don't think I was the best match for that place. I learned a lot and left.
4. Target- I don't recommend it.

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. Sleepless in Seattle- I don't know how many times I've watched this movie but Travis just bought the DVD and the CD for me for my birthday- I love that movie.
2. An Affair to Remember- Cary Grant, Debra Kerr- I love that movie
3. Holiday Inn- My most favorite- I love that movie
4. White Christmas- I love that movie
I'm noticing a trend here. Basically I could watch any Bing Crosby or Cary Grant movie a hundred times. I like new movies too but they just lack something that the old movies had. Oh yeah, well written dialogue. Just my opinion.

Four places I've lived

Lakeland, Fl. It's a beautiful city, you really should visit.
Panama City, Fl. Well, it's not a beautiful city but it's close to beautiful places
Hendersonville, TN. Very nice.
Bessemer, AL. Let's just not talk about that one.

Four TV shows
1. Alias- I've watched since the beginning. It's the last season and I'm really bummed.
2. House Hunters- Dumb, I know.
3. Anything else on HG TV- Except those crafting shows, I don't get into those.
4. I don't watch this a lot but I really like Monk

Four websites-
1. Mary's blog
2. Tisra's blog
3. MSN
4. worshiptogether.com

4 favorite foods
1. Crab Cakes from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
2. Stuffed mushrooms from pretty much anywhere
3. Las Palmas or any other Mexican restaurant, ooh, and Baja Burrito
4. A traditional Cuban dinner- Roast Pork, Black Beans, Yucca, Ripe Plantains, Green Plantains, and Cuban Bread.
5. My Brother in Law- Shane's- Espresso Brownies, mmmm, or anything else he bakes.

4 places I would rather be
1. In the Caribbean with Travis
2. In the Florida Keys with Travis
3. In Hawaii with Travis
4. At Disney World with Travis and the girls

Four Bloggers I'm tagging
1. Angie
2. Joyce
3. Tracy

Ok, 3 Bloggers I'm tagging.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Super Shammy (said in Travis' radio announcer voice), it slices, it dices, it will soak up that pesky lake in your living room, just one swipe and water is gone!

So, we went to the mall last night and we were successfully dodging the kiosks in the middle. "No thanks, I don't need my nails done, my hair straightened, or any German Roasted Nuts." So how did the Super Shammy guy stop us? When I say "us" I should say "me". I pride myself in being a tower of resolve, nerves of steele (well, almost), and in being polite but firm- at least I answer them instead of just walking by and acting like they're not there. In my defense though there were like 3 other people in the mall so our "herd" defense was useless- he was talking directly to me as I walked by- UGH! I was caught. Well, he surprised us by giving a presentation with everything he had. I actually felt a little sorry for him that of all the jobs in the world he was pushing Super Shammies. At the end I, of course, pulled the chicken maneuver and deferred to Travis. I figured as in everything else when my yellow streak gets the best of me I can always count on him BUT he decided to buy one. Oh, did I say one? Because "last night only- if we agreed to proudly display our Super Shammies- we would get 4 fabulous Super Shammies for the amazing price of $22 including tax! So I now have 4 amazingly absorbent Super Shammies...I guess I should start encouraging the girls to spill things to get our monies worth.

Monday, January 09, 2006

It is SO Naptime

Halle is so tired and she really needs to take a nap. And it's almost time for Lukes nap. The problem is I'm really tired too and their naptime is my workout time. I don't feel like working out; I feel like taking a nap. But life isn't always about what I feel like doing. Actually it's rarely about what I feel like doing. I feel like going to Hawaii or at the least the Bahamas but that's not coming up on my agenda soon. Hmmm, but if I workout then I'll look like I could go to Hawaii or the Bahamas if somehow a trip dropped into my lap. I guess working out will win for today...maybe I'll just go to bed really early tonight.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Grandma reading The Night Before Christmas

Chloe and Dora

Amanda and Halle Christmas Day

Halle at Uncle Shane and Aunt Angie's

Coquina Beach

Chloe playing in the freezing cold waves

Aunt Wendy, Tessa, and Chloe

Halle on a sculpture at Hollis Garden

The Buttons at Old Hyde Park in Tampa

Aunt Amy and her nieces plus Chloe

Travis and Halle at Barnett park

Uncle Jon and Chloe

Amanda and Chloe on a Black Widow Spider

Palm Trees at Lake Mirror- Taken by Travis

Landon and Chloe at Barnett Park at Hollis Garden

"Big Shane" and Halle

Travis and Chloe at Hollis Gardens

The Buttons and Johnsons at the Lakeland Public Library

Taken at Hollis Gardens in Lakeland

Hollis Garden

My hometown's theme- Swans- at Lake Morton

It looks warm and sunny but it was about 68 degrees and the water was in the 50's!

Trip To The Beach

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Me and My "Little" Brother

There is way too much to post- I mean really, how do you sum up 11 vacation days? I'll post some pics though and try to do our trip justice- just not all at once. I think that would be like making you watch 11 days of home videos. It was so much fun though. We had a great trip and are happy to be home! Posted by Picasa