Thursday, January 31, 2008

OK, It's Just Cold

It could be that we've been spoiled these last few years of mild winter weather but I'm cold. Even the first year we were here and it was really, really cold (highs in the 20's in the daytime) I was OK. Of course I was probably OK because we had lots of snow. But yesterday it was sunny and I have no idea what the temperature was but I was freezing. I took the girls to the park since the poor things haven't been able to go out lately and the mulch was frozen. It wasn't iced over but just frozen together so that it was hard when you walked on it. They didn't seem to mind but I only let them play for about 20 minutes- because I minded.

So what are the Buttons up to lately?

Amanda seems to be up to a lot. I have forgotten to tell pretty much everybody but she was interviewed on the radio last week. Yep. I didn't hear the phone ring when she called so I missed it- drat. But apparently Franklin has a "hometown" radio station and Amanda and an exchange student (that she says speaks 6 languages) were chosen to be interviewed and to tell what they like about their school. Amanda was *supposed* to have been interviewed about Gov. School but apparently the interviewer forgot. *And* she also has the highest GPA at her school which is pretty cool, even though her school is very small. It opens some doors for scholarships that should cover her first year at community college- if that's where she decides to go. She's also made some friends at church *gasp*! Last week Travis made her go to the college group service. She hadn't made any real connections and did not want to go but she went and made a handful of friends, stayed out late that night and went to a concert with them on Tuesday night. It's amazing how quickly things happen sometimes. I'm really glad to see it.

I met with my mentor (for the class I'm taking at church) a couple of nights ago and it was pretty cool. It turns out that she and I have similar life experiences. It's pretty cool how God puts people together. I'm really looking forward to this time of learning and growth.

And since I'm out two nights a week that means Travis is *in* two nights a week. Just he and two little girls that need baths and food and homework help. And it was stressful. He said at one point they were both crying for me and wouldn't get out of the bathtub. It's nice to be loved and it's also nice to have my husband home because I was doing everything- every night- by myself. Did I say that it's nice to be out two nights for a couple of hours Well, I should have.


Mary said...

Wow. That's good stuff. I am so glad for you that you get a couple nights out. It's such a good feeling to have free hands for just a little while. Thank God for a patient daddy.

Christy said...

Sounds like a breath of fresh air - getting out and having some help. My husband traveled a lot for a couple of years. When he got promoted to a partial desk job (he still is on the road more than I'd like, but....whatever), it was such a relief to me!