Thursday, January 03, 2008

Random Stuff and Art

This is the painting I like that I get to keep. After I got the easel I set it up and just started painting without having any idea what I was going to paint. Why a blue vase and apple, you ask? Well, because the vase is just what came out of my noggin and there was a large bowl of apples sitting on the island. Plus I love blues and greens together- it's one of my faves. I'm not completely done with it. The brown blob next to the vase is supposed to be a shadow but I'm not sure I like it since it's just brown and the rest of the background seems very fluid.
And during the Christmas season I was one crafty girl. I made several handmade things for friends children and started several handmade things for friends but it seriously took longer than I anticipated. I finished one hand towel and did 75% of another but all of that took at least 9 hours to do so I ended up buying things for them. Oh, and I originally intended to do 4- yikes! They're super cute, but I can't show them to you because they will still end up as gifts.

I had no idea what to do for our friends kids and was a bit frantic about it when I saw some chalkboards at JoAnn's and thought, "what kid doesn't like a chalkboard?" And if it's personalized all the better. So I painted all of them, put their name on them and made individual chalk holders that double as an eraser. The holder/eraser is made from felt that I just wrapped around the chalk (long way), stitched around it with embroidery floss (all 6 strands and a different color for each child so they didn't mix them up), added a snap and voila! It was more time consuming than I thought but everyone seemed to like theirs. Originally I wanted to do skateboards or something else that the kids liked but I just didn't have time.

And here's Halle's finished stocking. I actually finished it Christmas Eve night just before we opened stockings so I had to finish it on a machine. It ended up being skinnier than I wanted to I may have to re-do it. And at the very end when I was sewing the loop to hang it I broke the needle on my machine. Gaaa! I like the stocking though.

And this is Mary's painting. I've already shown it to her so I guess I can show it to you. I had to do some touch ups because I got some espresso colored paint on the front that I was using on the sides so I had to clean that up. I use the espresso color on the sides so that she doesn't have to have it framed. Now I need to touch up my signature and varnish and I'm done.
I wish I could show you the other painting but the recipient hasn't seen it yet. I had to completely re-work it but I like how it's turning out even better now.

OK, and one more thing. I have to show you the super-cutest table runner ever- that I didn't make. I guess this was my Christmas present to me because I love it! I didn't have a Christmas-ey anything to put on the table or island and I saw this at Target when I was Christmas shopping. I love cute stuff!


Tisra said...

I love that you are exploring your creative side- and it helps that you have a knack for it. Halle's stocking looks fabulous, professional, and I'm sure it will be cherished for years!

Mary's painting is like nothing you've ever done (at least that I've seen) and I really like it. Abstract pieces are always harder than they seem to the untrained eye. You've got great movement and color going on there- can't wait to see more!

And, um, I really can't wait to see mine. (the other one is for me, right?!) I feel really lucky. :-)

That easel was a wonderful gift and I'm excited to see what you churn out this year!

(Maybe you should open an Etsy shop?)

Amy said...

Well, when I thought of Mary I thought of blue and modern. And thanks for trying to give me props but it wasn't hard and only took about 20 minutes. I brushed the canvas with different shades of blue going from darker to lighter and then turned it on its side and sprayed it with water. Yes, you have to have a good foundation before you spray it down as this technique doesn't work well with just anything. So, yes, it still does take some talent. And I'm happy with it.

An Etsy shop? I'm not sure. This could (and probably will be) another post but I really feel a "push" toward music after a several year hiatus so I'm not sure where I'm going with any of this. That begs the question of does it have to be one and not the other but that's probably even better suited to a conversation :)

Amy said...

Oh, yes, the other one is for you.

Mary said...

The stocking looks so cute. I do love my painting and look forward to seeing Tisra's too. The vase one is really neat too. Love the color combination of the vase and apple along with the brown in the background.

Since when do you like music? Kidding. I think you should do what's in front of you. Paint until your brush starts making treble clefs, then start writing and singing. Not that what I think counts, but that's what I've been doing lately...trying to just do and enjoy what's in front of me and it's making me happy.

Amy said...

Well, that's what I started doing- what's in front of me. I got lots of encouragement from my family to start selling some of the things that I've created. So I started a new blog with the intention of posting creative stuff there and posting family/kid/life stuff here. And I kind of flipped out. You'd have to actually be inside my brain to understand but it was the same kind of flip out I had when I (briefly) changed my major from Sacred Music to Music Ed. It doesn't mean I won't paint but realistically I'm an amateur and it would take a lot of time and energy to be more than that. So I'm trying to decide what my time and energy should go to. In addition to my husband and three girls :)

Christy said...

Thanks for the photos! I really enjoy seeing other peoples' creative work. And lots of hearts for Mary's painting!

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to paint! So I am going to get out all the canvases that Kris's Grandfather gave him and get the paints out and just see where my imagination will take me..... Tracy

Amy said...

Oh, that is so cool! I can't wait to see what you come up with.