Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chloe and the Wedding Dress

Chloe found the necklace that I wore on our wedding day tonight. She begged to try it on which turned into "please Mommy, can I try on your wedding dress? I know where it is." So of course I took pictures. Travis thought it would be great to be able to show them on her actual wedding day. *Sigh*. Having raised one daughter (almost) to adult hood I know that time goes by so quickly and this day will probably come sooner than I'm comfortable with. But I'm just going to enjoy her being six.


Mary said...

That is sooooo precious!!! I just love it. Makes me so jealous that I don't have a daughter. :( I can enjoy yours that much more though.

The Shocks said...

They grow up so fast. I hate thinking about Hannah growing up and getting married.

Christy said...