Friday, February 08, 2008

We're a Week Into February...

and I haven't posted anything yet. It's not that I think you're all waiting with baited breath at the awesomeness that comes from my keyboard, I just start feeling that "gaaa, I need to blog about something". And as per usual I have stuff to blog about I just haven't felt like writing. It's kind of like working out, as long as I'm doing it regularly I'm fine and keep doing it. But if for some reason I get derailed it's hard to get started again. It's the whole "object in motion" thing. So here goes:

This past weekend was really nice. We went to downtown Franklin with a group from church to take pictures and the Kelsos and Fadelys were there too. So there were 14 of us and 8 of those were little ones so the atmosphere wasn't that conducive to picture taking. So we headed back to the Fadely's house and all had dinner like old times. It was really nice for us to all be together again because it had been an entire year since we were all in the same place at the same time. Actually, all of us except Travis had gotten together a couple of times but it's not the same without one of us.

Sunday was the Super Bowl at the Fadely's. Fun!

On Monday, after I took Chloe to school, I had to get all dressed and makeup-ed to go pick up something so I figured I'd take advantage of being all ready and took Halle to the mall. We looked at puppies, had lunch, smelled candles (which is one of her favorite things just like Chloe and Mommy), went to the Disney store, and played in the play area. It was so nice to just be Halle and me. I don't know if any of you ever go someplace with just one of your kids but it is so worth it. I highly recommend it. It reminded me of days with Amanda when she was younger and Chloe too since there is such an age gap between them. It's just time to really focus on one kid and I think (although they haven't told me, but I can tell by their excitement level) that it makes them feel really special. I'm going to take Chloe out to get a milkshake and to a home improvement warehouse soon. Have I mentioned that she *loves* Lowe's and Home Depot? Because she seriously does. Oh, and the carpet samples at Costco. She says she's going to be a designer when she grows up.

Tuesday was tornadoes and the whole day feels pretty much taken up with that. Wednesday was class and Thursday was mentor day, so that brings me to today.

I am sooo glad it's Friday. I'm tired and don't feel like getting up at the crack(ish) of dawn to take Chloe to school. And since we've been out all weekend for Trav's last two weekends off, we're not planning on doing anything but house stuff. It doesn't mean that we'll paint (although we might) but we need to clean the patio up and patch some holes in the driveway and just really, really clean. And rest. Last weekend we were out all of Friday night (grocery shopping), then almost all of Saturday and Sunday. When we finally collapsed into bed Sunday night we both very much wanted to do nothing (except the aforementioned things) this weekend.


Christy said...

My parents used to take us on "date nights." There was a rotation involved so that every so often, we got a night out alone with both mom and dad. It was super-special and we try to do that with out kids too.

Tisra said...

You got some great shots on the PhotoWalk. My favorite is the last one with the tree shadow- it shows Franklin better than the one I took does. I shot the same spot, but focused in on the artsy shadows, and in so doing missed capturing a great building in Franklin. Charming! Well done.

My kids are all due for a date night with Mom or Dad. Eric and I were just saying that, in fact.

Amy said...

Thanks. I probably would have focused on the "artsy shadows" but my little borrowed camera wouldn't zoom that far.