Friday, January 18, 2008


Every day I've thought "hmmm, anything blog worthy?". And my answer has come as "um, no". So maybe if I try to sum up the week I'll have something somewhat interesting.

Chloe is sick. Wednesday she kept saying how cold she was and I told her to put on more clothes since she was only wearing one of Trav's t-shirts. So finally she hunkered down on the couch with a blanket and I noticed that her face was really flushed so I asked Travis to take her temperature since I was about to walk out the door-102.5. Well, that explained some things.

And that night I started my very first Life School of Ministry class at church. It's a pretty exciting ministry in that they offer college level courses for anyone- I'm pretty sure you don't have to go to our church to go to them and I know you don't have to for the class I'm taking. But they offer Pentateuch, Apologetics, and Life of Christ. I had the last one in college but didn't have to take the first two. But they also offer Fiercely-Focused Parenting and Freedom in Christ (my class) along with a myriad of other classes. The exciting thing is that there is an expectation that church members will take the classes and learn and grow and be informed. To have a strong theological base is critical and I'm so happy that they offer it here. Yeah, yeah, I've been there for two years and this is the first class I've taken but it's been the first class I've been able to take because Travis has been taking a class *and* working two jobs.

But all that's about to end because his last day at HD is Sunday! I'd love to throw a party but I can't fit all of our friends in our house. So we'll celebrate and I'll make a nice dinner for him- ooh, probably Monday because Amanda is out of school *and* she doesn't have to work. I haven't blogged about it much mostly because I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but this has been an incredibly difficult season for us. I'm nervous about him quitting HD because we need for him to. But things have changed for him at work (he got a bit of a promotion) and I'm taking a class at church so it just won't work. We're at peace with everything and trust that God will lead our steps day by day.

And speaking of parties- do you realize that Amanda graduates in four months and five days?!? My AL relatives want to come and I want to throw a big bash but I know that I won't be able to fit everyone in here. I'll figure it out. But my little girl is growing up.

Now my two little girls are awake and are asking for breakfast. Actually, Chloe just yelled from her bedroom that she's much too sick to come to the kitchen for breakfast and needs breakfast in bed. I guess I'd better get crackin'.


MOM said...

Breakfast in bed...I remember those days with you and Jon when you were sick.

Christy said...

All of that was blogworthy :) That's just the stuff of life....thanks for sharin'!

Mary said...

Yes, good stuff. I've been meaning to comment for like two days and keep pulling it up and getting distracted before I can write something.

I'm sure Chloe is feeling better by now.

I hope you really enjoy your Life School class. I love stuff like that.