Monday, January 28, 2008

I Wonder If...

I can complete a post in the time it takes Travis to get ready for bed? It's not likely but here goes in machine gun form.

Travis had the whole weekend off- errands, giggles from girls, sitting on the couch with my feet in his lap, church together, dinner with the Fadely's, lots of fun, I could get used to this.

Sickness relapse because I'm a dummy and worked out with a fever- much worse the second time but I survived and am fever free- yay! I wonder if I'm "allowed" to work out tomorrow?

Halle telling the Zaccheus story (again) after church on Sunday- "Zaccheus come down!"

The Fadely boys and Chloe jumping on the computer as soon as we got to their house. Chloe had to show off her Webkinz.

New and (somewhat) exciting sugar alternatives. No bake cookies sweetened with Blue Agave Nectar. Reduced the sugar content by 1 cup and they turned out very yummy. It has a glycemic index of 27 which is very low and you don't get a sugar rush. The cookies also don't get hard but stay kind of gooey as you can imagine but you can still pick it up and eat it with one hand.

And he's done, so I'm done. I'll try to post complete thoughts later.


Tisra said...

I am just so thrilled that Travis was able to drop the Home Depot job- I know it will really transform your family life.

And, um, I really want to make No Bake cookies every time you mention it- you are a terrible influence, my friend. ;-)

Mary said...

That sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you have your household back together. Sorry about the fever. I don't know how you have the energy to work out when you have a fever though. The last time I had a fever I remember wishing I didn't have to use the stairs.

Amy said...

Well, I didn't have a high fever. I just felt kind of weak but I thought that I just hadn't eaten enough because I was *almost* fine the day before. I didn't figure it out until later. I wouldn't deliberately work out when I'm sick. Maybe I would have a few years ago but my immune system still seems to be on the mend. I'm not getting sick nearly as often though. :)

Christy said...

I love this - I call it drive-by posting. Just a smattering of thoughts to catch us all up :) Thanks - and glad you're feeling better.