Friday, October 07, 2005

A Wonderful Birthday Bash

Well, not to steal Kris and Mary's thunder or anything but the Buttons had a completely wonderful time at Owen's 2nd birthday party last night. I have been so exhausted lately, I guess from hopping around so much. I haven't really had time to rest and I've just been very stressed. Anyway, Travis suggested maybe I should stay home last night and rest to which I responded, "Are you nuts!". Everyone needs time away to play and play we did. I ran through all the tunnels, slid on all the slides, slid on all the slides again with Halle in tow, and successfully beat up on Amanda and her friend Zach, thus ensuring myself the "coolest mom in the world" title with another one of Amanda's friends. I think that playground should be my new hangout. Yeah, Big Mountain Coffee was great, but the playground was way more fun.

Oh yeah, the party wasn't about us, was it? Sorry, but I'll have to let Kris and Mary fill you in on all the great Owen details. I do remember Kris snapping some covert pics of poor unsuspecting adults as we climbed in a very undignified manner through the tunnels. I'm sure we'll see some of those posted soon.

Last night was great fun and I heard it suggested that we ditch the kids and let the grown-ups have a there's an idea!

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