Friday, October 21, 2005

Blink Once for Yes, Twice for No

Have you ever seen one of those Dr. shows where there's a patient in a somewhat vegetative state and they ask them to "blink if you understand what I'm saying."? Well, this post has nothing to do with that.

It does, however, have to do with Halle blinking. I'm sure you're thinking, blinking? It's one of those things like breathing you just do it. Well, she has started blinking with purpose. The other night at Target she bumped her head on the shopping cart and made a face and blinked very hard and deliberately as if to say, "you may pick me up now!". She'll also copy my blinking pattern. We played a blinking game during dinner last night and it was adorable.

OK, so there's only so much you can write about your kid blinking. So, everything else with us is fine and I must say that I'm incredibly happy to be here. I'd like to be more settled but that will just take time. Now if we could only decide what church to go to.....


mary said...

Blinking with purpose...that's a new one but very cute, especially when coupled with Halle's big blue eyes. I hope baby brother has blue eyes, wouldn't that be great?

Tisra said...

Reminds me of the time grant blinked excessively for about a month. I forgot about that! But he all of a sudden became aware of when he blinked and you couldn't talk to him seriously because it was a frantic convulsing of his eyelids. Glad that's over.