Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well, I guess you've noticed the new look. I've been working on it for a couple of days and I had to go to my blog to remember what it looked like. I tried several different backgrounds and really couldn't find anything I liked so I guess basic black is good. I really felt like I needed a change and I never want to hear the word "gypsy" again.

We do have a new vehicle now. I'm going to spare you all of the boring details, but the jist of it is we are now driving a 2005 white Dodge Grand Caravan. It handles well and is very roomy and of that I'm glad. We do need to get Travis a new vehicle in the next few months and it will definitely have to be something more sporty so we can have a "date" vehicle.

We're in our apartment, sans furniture, and it's nice to have the space here as well. The apartment wasn't in great condition when we moved in but I'm not going to take up any blog time by complaining. We do have a nice view of a fountain out of most of the windows. I love water features and though the beauty is slighty marred by the "tidy bowl" blueness of the water, it's still very nice.

I'm looking forward to being at Owen Kelso's 2nd birthday party tonight and should be able to catch up with friends and to let Chloe catch up as well. She asked if her "boyfriend" Grant would be there tonight. I don't know where she gets that from, but whenever we talk about Grant she always asks about her boyfriend Grant. It's funny how kids make things up.

My time is up. Halle refuses to take a nap that she desperately needs and I can no longer bear her pitiful "mommy come get me" cries.


mary said...

basic black is always a good look. I am so glad you guys all came to the was so fun watching everyone play.

Amy said...

We had so much fun! I really needed to just get away from everything and act like a complete fool on a giant playground.

Owen was so cute! I loved how after he opened the first present he just wanted to play and not open anything else. He's such an unselfish child!