Friday, October 14, 2005

Finally Getting Settled

Of course, with the way things go it may be premature to say that we're actually getting settled, but we are going to get our stuff. I really am pressed for time right now because I have to complete the move from apt. #1, (hereafter known as the animal urine soaked carpet, nasty, dirty place), to apt#2,( hereafter known as the clean, what an apartment should look and SMELL like place). I didn't want to post about apt. #1 too much because I didn't want to sound like a whiner but it really was gross and we were very unhappy. So fortunately for us, we were able to move right next door. Unfortunately for the next poor suckers, they will have to live on nasty carpet. The final straw for me was when I picked Halle up from being on the carpet and her face smelled like animal urine! Then later that same day I hugged Chloe and her hair smelled like it! So, so, so, gross! There is a reason we don't have pets and don't smoke.

In a few minutes I will be heading over to vacuum and clean the tile in apt. #1 and then I'll head to apt. #2 to pack up some clothes for the trip and to put away as many things as I can so that nothing is in the way when we get back.

So, cross your fingers, but I think we may just be able to get our stuff and set up house. I will let you know how it goes but now I'm off....


mary said...

You kept saying you might not stay but I wasn't exactly sure what the extent of your distaste was...I'm so glad you could move. It's a lot nicer visiting people in apt. #2 as well. :)

Yippee for you! I'm so glad it worked out this way.

travis said...

Yeah, we also found a couple of fleas, so something had to be done. Over all, I think Amy and I were very patient with the whole situation, but we did not want to be taken advantage of.