Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All Kids Update

I realized the other day when I was reading Mary's blog that I have neglected to post anything about the kids in quite a while. Now, that may not be too important to most of you, but I'm sure it's important to my Mother In Law. I'm pretty sure that my Mom doesn't read my blog but she gets to see the girls way more often so here goes with milestones and little anecdotes.

I took Halle a couple of weeks ago to get her 9 month check up and shots. During the visit it was determined that her weight fell in the 5th percentile. It's funny, she started out in the 90th percentile because she was a big baby, but now she's a tiny 5th percentile. After talking with the Dr. we decided that she's ok and she's just built like her Daddy.

Which, BTW, she said "DaDa" as soon as Travis walked through the door yesterday. She's said DaDa before but this time she was saying it to him, so sweet.

So, back to her being tiny. Yesterday I put her in her little car walker that Chloe had which was a hand me down from her cousin. Well, she started fussing and I thought she just wanted to be held so I didn't check on her immediately. Then Chloe said, "Mom, somethings wrong with Halle. Come in here and I'll show you what's wrong". I'll admit I was a little concerned because of the way Chloe phrased it but she wasn't yelling so I was pretty sure everything was ok. When I went into the living room it looked like Halle was twisted around in the seat but upon closer inspection I realized that her entire body had slipped through one of the legs of the seat and she was stuck! It was cute and pitiful. Of course, I rescued her and everything was much better.

Amanda "almost" broke her pinky. She decided 2 Sundays ago to go to the "Chili Bowl" which is an event that Cornerstone youth group puts on annually. There is lots of chili served and several teams play "flag" football. When she said she wanted to go she said she wasn't going to play. She wasn't dressed for it and wasn't on a team or anything. Well, 2 girls dropped out and she decided to fill in. When she tried to catch the ball it hit her on the end of the finger and sprained or jammed her pinky. We waited until the next day to take her to the Doctor. We were pretty sure it was broken which is why we took her at all. The Dr. said to "buddy tape" it to her ring finger and sent her to get X-Rays. Now, notice he told her to tape it, he didn't tape it himself. It's so aggravating. He couldn't even tape the fingers? I don't like this particular Dr. anyway, but really, the office doesn't have any tape? The X-Rays revealed that there was no break but I guess it's better to be safe...Man that was an expensive Chili Bowl.

Chloe, sweet Chloe. She does so much cute stuff it's hard to just come up with a couple of things. Oh yeah, bedtime.

The night before last I was so tired. I went to bed early and Travis put Chloe to bed then got into bed himself. We were both sound asleep when Chloe bursts into our room with her lunch box, back pack, and wearing only underwear. She cried "Mommy, Daddy, I want to go to Cornerstone! I want to go to school!" To which we calmly replied, "Huh, What! Chloe!!! GO TO BED!!!" Travis said when he went into the hall to put her back to bed she looked crushed. I felt so terrible and really it was cute. I am just not the most understanding person when I'm awakened from a dead sleep.

OK, so that is some of the cute or tramatic things happening here and as soon as I can I will post pics.

OK, that is a post in itself but let me summarize.

Tisra taught me how to put pics on my blog so I downloaded Picasa and set it up to put pics on. Travis moaned and groaned and complained about me putting a new program on the computer.
"What! What is this?!? It automatically comes up at startup? Who did this?!?" Yes, he did do that, although as soon as he reads this he'll deny it. Anyway, later HE decided that HE wanted to put pics on his blog so he changed something and now I can only post pics to HIS blog OR HIS MOM'S!!!!! UGH!!! I love him and his Mom but I want pics on MY BLOG WHICH IS WHY I DOWNLOADED IT TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!

Insert the somewhat sarcastic, give Trav a hard time font here! OK, a really, really hard time font.


Tisra said...

You can also just use the picture button that is on your Blogger dashboard. i stillprefer Picasa, but this is a perfectly fine option. And, if you download the new Picasa update, you no longer have to use hello; there is a "blog this" button that will send a picture directly to the blog you specify. Of course, I lost something the other day using that, but....

Amy said...

Thank you! I put the initial effort into it hoping to not have to learn anything new. But using Hello did annoy me. I will try it soon.

mary said...

Your girls are so adorable. Chloe has such an imagination. Owen is consistently amazed by her. Way to go Amanda...playing football. I used to love doing that stuff, sorry about the pinky though.

Tracy Mock said...

Okay I'm laughing my head off with the whole getting woke up out of a dead sleep with kids.... Remember when we had that sleep over when we were wee tots ourselves, and I almost decked you? ;0) BAAAHAAA Memories! I wish we lived closer to each other!

Amy said...

I don't remember that specific incident but I remember lots of sleepovers. I wish we lived closer as well but maybe I could come visit you in that new HUGE house of yours :)