Tuesday, October 18, 2005

All Moved In

You'll notice the title is "moved in" not "settled in". As you can imagine there is stuff EVERYWHERE! It is quite a large task but we're up to it.

So, the move was thankfully uneventful. We arrived at Mom and Dad's house at about 9:30 PM (I'm so glad we both got off early so we could leave early). We left later than we wanted to and were stuck in traffic for a while so it took us about an hour to actually get out of town. The next morning we had a great breakfast that Mom prepared for us and were off to get the moving truck. It's so funny, but apparently you can rent U-Haul's from anywhere. The place we went to for instance was in ghetttoville, OK, Bessemer, but you get the idea. When we got there I was amazed at how run down the place was. Did I say rundown? Because what I meant was a strong wind could have blown this place over. It looked like it used to be a gas station and inside there was a bunch of old used tires and junk. I can't imagine that anyone would buy those old tires, I don't think you could have driven on them and the ceiling was literally falling in. There was insulation hanging down from several places in the ceiling. The guy that ran the place was very nice but I'm sure just being there everyday is hazardous to his health. He did have a computer though and he asked Travis to enter his information so it would be faster- he wanted to get home to see the football game. Again, he was a nice guy and we got our truck.

Then we went back to Mom and Dad's and Amanda and I left for haircuts. Haircuts? Yes, haircuts, much to the dismay of my husband. He didn't want us to schedule them to begin with but we like getting our hair cut at this particular place and since we won't be in town for a while this was the only time to do it.

So after the haircuts we went back to my grumpy husband. He's not usually grumpy but we had so much to do you really can't blame him. I did give him a little pep talk though and he was much better. Hours later we were packed, fell into bed and got up early-ish for the long drive home.


Tisra said...

So glad it went well! I want to see the haircuts.

travis said...

Just so everyone knows, I wasn't that grumpy. I was feeling a tad overwhelmed, however, and somewhat abandoned.

mary said...

Happy you're here grumpy, happy, well trimmed and all.

Amy said...

Just bangs and layers, nothing big.

He was really grumpy. I might even say grouchy and irritable.