Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Baseball Game and Up To My Elbows in Snot

Hmmm, great title, huh?

Friday night we babysat for the Fadely's so they could go out for a date and when they got home we were invited to Grant's baseball game. Of course, we were thrilled to go. Amanda played tee ball when she was little and I grew up at the softball field so going to baseball or softball games brings back good memories. It's funny but since Travis didn't grow up playing baseball he was unfamiliar with some of the expressions. "Come on, run it out!" I yelled to a little boy I don't know who started to slow down before he got to first base. "Run it out?" Travis looked confused and a little proud that his wife knew what that meant. Several of the adults also took turns to take the little kids to an empty ball field to throw the ball and run bases. An hour and forty five minutes is a long time to watch baseball for little kids. I took my turn and tried to teach Chloe how to run the bases. Touch first, touch first...tag second..., You know, teaching her to actually step on the bags as she runs around in case we put her in tee ball. I'd really like to do that. It's a huge time commitment but I think it would be really good for her.

So, about the star of the game...Grant Fadely. He did a very good job of doing what his coaches told him. He was playing outfield and during a play he ran right over and backed-up first base, which in this league is very important. He also scored twice and I think he's the fastest runner on his team! It's so cool to share these milestones.

OK, so today I'm up to my elbows in snot. Yes, I said snot. It's not a pretty word and it's not a pretty substance. Kind of like the word "blog". I hate the word blog. I know it's short for web log but it really is a dumb word. It reminds me of some slimy substance that would be marketed as a childrens toy. But I digress. Anyway it started out electric green and has now gone clear. I swear with the amount of, you know, coming out of her nose it must be packed up to her brain. I was really wanting to go to church today but sitting in the "nursing mother's" room with an incredibly fussy Halle didn't sound like too much fun. Last week we visited Sumner Life and this week we are visiting Cornerstone. I hate to miss any of these visits because now I feel like I'm a week behind. Not to mention the spiritual "lift" I get from corporate praise and worship and a good message. Well, I hope the the rest of the Buttons enjoy it. I know they will. Chloe and Amanda were very excited to be able to be there today. I don't know what church we'll end up at. I really do love Cornerstone. There are things we don't like, as with any church, but we can get past that. I just don't know if I see us just going back and being in Choir and doing drama and that's it. I know that the Lord will show us where we're supposed to be I'm just not sure why he's hesitating.

OK, does anybody else have as much trouble wrapping up a post as I do? I have no trouble writing, it's the stopping that I have trouble with. Maybe I should just say "I'm done writing now".

I'm done writing now.


mary said...

I totally missed everyone. Of course we are wrapped up in Kris' family being here right now but I wish I had known you guys were going to be there...or half of you were going to be there. It was a good service...I will not be in choir after this sunday...too much on my tired body. I feel like a whimp. I'll still go to rehearsals though. Sorry about the snot...glad you didn't share it with the rest of us though. :)

Amy said...

I remember being very pregnant and very out of breath and desperately wanting to be out of choir to rest. You're not a wimp, it just comes with the territory.

Travis said it was a good service.

mary said...

I do get somewhat out of breath but worse than that I get to feeling faint and then I have to sit down and everyone gets scared for me. Yuck.