Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Too Much Bubbles!

"Mommy, there's too much bubbles! Too much bubbles, too much bubbles, too much bubbles..."

Do you ever ignore your kid? I do, especially when I'm doing something important. Like today for instance, I was reading very important TV gossip at E! online about my most favorite show that I never get to watch. Alias, if you must know. Poor Vaughn was "killed" in the first episode and I'm just devastated (man, I'm going to invent the sarcasm font someday and be rich. I mean, I do hate to see him "go" but I'm not too devastated!). Anyway, since we are in our apartment sans stuff I have only purchased the basic necessities. And since I'm in my newfound incredibly cheap mode, we have been using dish soap instead of dish washer detergent in the dishwasher. I know, I know but it's worked fine so far. I had been concerned, though, that I hadn't been using quite enough soap and I'm concerned (I'm a little paranoid) about the sanitary aspect of continually washing and reusing plastic cutlery. Hence the "little extra" soap I put in the dishwasher this morning.

"Mommy theres too much bubbles!" I finally looked up from the computer screen and, in fact, there were way too many bubbles. So, I thought, Well, Chloe needs a bath anyway and she'll really like playing in the bubbles, ah, what the heck! "Hey Chloe, you want to play in the bubbles?" Not to mention that since I didn't bring the mop, the floor could use a scrubbing as well, so I guess I killed a couple of birds with too much dish soap and made one of my girls happy as well.


mary said...

You're going to make her like washing dishes. That's just not normal.

Tisra said...

If I couldn't picture it so well, I'd be certain you made it up!

Amy said...

Hey, no making up stories here!

And Mary, she begged me to clean the counters with the sponge the other day. "I want to use the sponge, I want to use the sponge, hooray!" I'm serious and, yes, I boiled the sponge before she used it.