Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mooommmm! Halle's Throwing Needles at Sophie!

And, in fact, Halle was throwing needles at the cat- well they were actually straight pins. She had gotten into my sewing kit and was pulling pins out of my pin cushion and was throwing them at the cat. She's also eaten a crayon and colored all over her wall, door, bed and dresser with a fuchsia marker. I am really way too stressed to deal with this- sigh.

Chloe however, was trying to play with her leap pad and was having trouble with it. I finally told her (I yelled it from the kitchen since she was in the living room) that I thought the batteries were going dead, which isn't a stretch since she got it for her third birthday and we've never changed the batteries. So the next thing I knew Chloe was running from the living room saying, "small phillips head screwdriver, small phillips head screwdriver"! She's six! Then she called me into the bedroom to help her open the tool kit; she'd already gotten it out but couldn't figure out all the latches. I gave her the requested tool and before I knew it she had the back off and was asking for new batteries. I love it that she's growing up and hate it at the same time. I love my girls.


Tisra said...

My puncushion has to be practically LOCKED up because it is just too interesting to Lael to be left alone. You'd think I'd learn, but after late-night sewing I've left it out on more than one occasion and woken up to pins in the carpet. At least I wised up and bought the colored glass-tipped pins so they are easier to see in the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Amy, at least when you and Jon marked on something it was always hidden (under the top bunk) in the closet etc. Do you remember what Jon did with straight pins? Chloe knows her tools,she must get it from her nanny.(lol)

Amy said...

I don't remember Jon doing anything with straight pins. I remember sticking him in the butt with one at Sears :)

Mary said...

Such extremely different personalities. I love hearing about their adventures.

Ivan is my "gets into things" kid and so far it's not been too bad. He has gotten to my pins before. Today catastrophe was averted, but I don't know how. He somehow figured out how to plug in the iron and the only thing that happened is Owen touched the hot iron with his thumb. A small blister and no tears at all. I am soooo grateful! That could have been much worse.