Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mommy Can You Agua the Swide? Is Got Ooky Haiws!

Can I agua the slide? Seriously? Halle cracks me up! She has this intense hatred of "ooky haiws" which is any hair that is not attached to someones head. Which she totally gets from Travis. Yeah, fake hair freaks him out but enough about my husbands phobias- and there are quite a few.

I finally finished the scarf that I started a year or so ago. It's not the first scarf I started but is the first one I finished. The first one I started was with eyelash yard and another small yarn together and it was just really difficult to work with. Somehow I kept adding a stitch on every line until I ended up with a trapezoid. So I finally scrapped it and started with a much thicker yarn on much bigger needles (US 15). And I just knitted and knitted and knitted- no fancy stitches here. When I got to the point that I needed to add another skein I just stopped because I thought it would be very difficult. But at my super-fun sewing party last week Tisra fixed it for me and I finished the knitting part that night. So, I called her the next day and suggested we get together so she could show me how to bind it off and she assured me it was very simple and I have a knitting booklet that shows you how so I looked at that (more than once because reading the directions is confusing) and got the hang of it on my second try. Then I just had to work the "tails" in (which I don't really like doing) and add fringe and my precious Chloe had a very much desired scarf knitted by her mommy.

And even though it's not in the budget right now, I picked up some very inexpensive (actually the same yarn as the green scarf) but still soft yarn in a beautiful mango color. Well, the tag says "mango" but I'd call it tangerine. I love it but I'm almost disappointed that it doesn't smell "tangeriney". I'm sure in the bleakness of winter I'll love looking at its sunniness- assuming that Amanda wears it.

And since this is pretty much a productivity post I thought I'd "show off" my poor lone Black-Eyed Susan. I planted a whole packet in the pink tub along with a sunflower but I planted them late-late-late and this is all I've gotten so far. I can see two other potential blooms but three blooms for all the care I've taken with them seems pitiful. So next year I'll do my best to plant earlier.

And last but not least is my sunflower. It's another one that I planted late. Thankfully I planted a species that gets several blooms rather than just one gigantic one or this would be all I get. I think that once they all bloom I'll be able to get a decent picture and maybe to another sunflower painting.

Ooh, and I almost forgot....Amanda had her first day at community college today! She's so excited that she's taking a nap now. Well, she has a big gap between her class at college and her classes at high school. She will actually be done for the semester at HS in less than 7 weeks, then she'll just finish out two days a week at college. She's loving the new schedule but hates it that her "Mommy" has to drop her off and pick her up. Well, I'm not really loving it either. It's a lot of running around for me or if I let her drive I'll be without a car. But this is a great opportunity and I'm so thankful that she's able to take advantage of it.

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Tisra said...

So many wonderful things going on for you guys! (and I'm with halle on the hairs- eeeew!)

Amy said...

I suppose I should have said that there wasn't hair on the slide- it was dirt or something but that is what she equates with "ooky".

Mary said...

Great job on the scarf. I hope Amanda is equally pleased with her tangerine rendition.

Doesn't it seem like nothing will ever change and then boom, lightning strikes and your daughter is taking college courses? Aaah! I hope she enjoys every moment.

Angie said...

Chloe looks fabulous in her new scarf! Congrats on completing your first one~ it looks great!