Friday, February 02, 2007

Pictures From a Snowy Day

I love snow. When I was 4 my family went to visit my grandparents in Bradenton, Fl and when we got home there was snow all around the edge ofour house. And I remember that I didn't know what to do with it so I scooped it up and rubbed it on my slide. Even at 4 I remember thinking it was a silly thing to do but there was just a tiny bit and what else could you do with it? So for the rest of the 27 years I lived in FL I prayed for it to snow. Every-single-year. And the first winter after we moved to TN we had TONS of the white stuff. I actually remember that it was such a cold- snowy December that when the temperature reached 35 degrees a pastor at church commented that he didn't think he'd see the day that 35 degrees felt warm. And for the next two years we had lots of snow culminating in the January that we had 7 inches fall within a couple of hours and it seems like we've had nothing since then-and that was 4 years ago! I suppose maybe I'm snow-greedy. But when you move 770 miles north you expect to get some (a lot of) snow- really is that asking too much?

So this morning my prayers (and the prayers of hundreds of thousands of Tennessee school children) were answered with an almost generous snowfall. And in preparation for the snow that we were supposed to have gotten- but didn't get- on Wednesday night I picked up a "snow wedge" from Target (on clearance so I'm not sure if they have any left). It was really a pain to blow up but it was totally worth it. The little girls and I went outside to make the most of our snowy day (while Amanda slept). The snow wedge worked so much better than I expected and at one point I slid from the top of the hill at our house into the ditch! Now I didn't really intend to end up in the ditch because it totally creeps me out so I made sure to put the brakes on in other trips down the hill to keep it from happening again.

It was nice to be able to slide down the hill since that is one of the only pluses to having a home built on a hill. I also slid down the hill in the back yard which is steeper but I ran into the railroad ties that define our back deck so it was a faster slide but it also ended very abruptly and since I didn't want to break any bones we moved back to the front yard. Halle was a good sport and she slid down the hill as well but after a half hour or so her hands were freezing and she started crying and was pretty much inconsolable so I brought her in, warmed her up, and made Amanda get up to watch her so I could sled some more with Chloe. Oh and our crazy kitty cat got out and climbed up the tree in the front yard and got stuck. So I had to climb up and get her- it was kind of cool. So there has been much fun going on at our house. Of course, I feel for Travis who had to head into work to do a project before leaving to help the Fadely's move. Hopefully there will be snow left when he gets home so he can try the snow wedge out too.

End Note- Blogger is dropping my photos for some reason so I'll have to wait until Blogger fixes the "bugs" in the new system. But if you're really dying for photos let me know and I'll e-mail them to you.


mary said...

Grrr. I can't see any pictures. Hopefully it will work in a little while. Sounds so fun though. I wish we had a hill in our yard. The neighborhood has some, but I don't have the energy or the stomach to go anywhere. My poor mistreated kids!

Amy said...

Well that stinks! I'm not having any trouble seeing them but I did have trouble seeing a picture on Angie's blog the other day. I wonder if it's a glitch with the new Blogger.

I'm sorry about your stomach- I'm sure your kids will survive;)

Tracy Mock said...

AMY! The snow didn't get to us and we are DEVISTATED! My poor children were so upset! It was about 50 minutes from here..... UG! Next time! I'm glad you guys had fun! I cant wait for that to happen here so I can have those precious memories with my monsters! I know what you mean living in Florida all my life I WANT TO SEE THE SNOW! teehee! Man I need to blog and I have no excuse since Kris is gone. Maybe later LOL!