Monday, March 06, 2006

Back to Normal

Yesterday was the first day in two weeks that I have actually felt normal. And I am so glad. Saturday Trav and I decided that I would be the one to go to church and he would stay home with Halle, who is on the mend from a nasty stomach bug she had late last week. Saturday proved to be a difficult night sleeping wise because my stomach was aching (most likely from my antibiotic) and Halle awoke in the wee hours screaming and flailing her arms in what was most likely a " I'm not feeling well and I'm really angry that I'm not asleep" fit. Nevertheless, I decided that I was going and I'm so glad I did. The more services I attend at New Song the happier I am that we're there. It's certainly not convenient but maybe the Lord will see fit to help us remedy that in the not too distant future.

Today I am babysitting again but just the baby this time. I really couldn't babysit all of them, it would just be too much. Blake however isn't much trouble at all. He's about 8 weeks and has a schedule of eating and sleeping so it's not difficult at all. Halle showed some signs of jealousy but she hasn't done too bad and she's been asleep for almost 4 hours so today has been a breeze. Oh, except that Chloe is now throwing up- I guess she caught Halle's bug. But even still with the two little ones sleeping it's fine. It's hard to watch Chloe not feel well though.

So since I'm back to my old self it's time to get back on the workout wagon again. I was doing so well before I got sick but now it's been almost 2 weeks since I've worked out. I have set a goal for myself to be at my goal weight by May 31st. I haven't figured out the weeks yet but I think it's a little more than a pound a week. Barring any unforseen obstacles I think that should be completely doable. I do tend to get sick more often when I'm exercising so hopefully the little bit of extra time will help. I have heard and read that when you lose fat it releases toxins into your system since that's where toxins are stored so I plan to drink detox tea, take lots of vitamins, and drink more water. Exercising has never been my problem when it comes to weight loss. My issues are portions and snacking. I have a serious "salt" tooth. I love all things salty and crunchy. Even when I eat pretzles I just eat too many. I eat them trying to fill up as though they were a meal rather than just having one serving. So, I'm going to develop an eating plan and stick to it. I will probably allow myself a day a week that I can eat whatever I want to but other than that I'm eating healthy. So maybe our next sewing party could have a healthy theme?

Now I'm going to devise a list of the things I haven't done in the last 2 weeks and catch up on everything. Yay! I don't like cleaning but at least I'm off the couch.


mary said...

Good for you...I'm so glad you are feeling better. I too, am getting in gear with exercise. My neighbor just called and wants to walk three days a week. That will help. We are going to family reunion next month and I want to be fit enough to play football and softball like I did last year.

Tracy Mock said...

I'm glad your all better and the girls are on their way to it as well....... Dont focus so much on the weight loss just focus on doing some form of exercise at least 5 days a week and the weight will come off when your not even thinking about it. Trust me!!!! I'm past my 21 day mark of making the gym a habbit and now I'm miserable if I dont go! I refuse to weigh myself but I can see a difference in my legs, abs, and arms so it must be working! Have you done stamping parties yet? I went to my first one and bought all the starter stuff to make my own cards! It was so much fun and so easy.......

Amy said...

Mary, it's nice to have someone that lives so close that you can walk with. I've heard that you're much more likely to stick with it if you have an "exercise buddy".

Tracy, I haven't tried stamping yet. I'm just now trying to get a grasp on scrap booking. Congrats on passing the 21 day mark.