Monday, March 13, 2006

If Jesus Christ Had a Church....

Amanda has visited the youth group at New Song a couple of times now and after I picked her up this past Saturday I asked her what she thought of it. The conversation went as follows. (Oh yeah, Taylor went too)

Amy- So, Manda, how did you like the youth group?

Manda- Mom, they are sooo nice! As we were leaving this girl chased us down just to tell us goodbye.

Taylor- Yeah, if these people were in Hendersonville I would be much nicer.

Amy- Taylor, you're always nice.

Taylor- Yeah, but I wouldn't be so rude.

Manda- OK, if Jesus had a church...oh, wait, um yeah, He has a church...

So basically (bad theology aside) according to Amanda , if Jesus had a youth group it would be the one at New Song.

I love my kid.

This is Taylor in case you were wondering. Posted by Picasa


mary said...

Funny. But seriously...I think that when Amanda is our age, she is going to be much wiser than we are. I mean she really seems to take a lot in, and then shock you with good sense for an ALMOST 16 year old girl.

Tisra said...

I am thrilled for Amanda. We had a nursery/toddler room gathering this weekend, as I told you, and it was exciting to hear what is being develped for this next generation! It carries all the way up to the youth group, even though I am not directly involved in that ministry. We talked about how New Song has been a church long enough that there are kids now who were born into the nursery and have been raised by our church up to the point of high school. And what do these children, raised by the family of God at New Song, look like? What kind of Christians are they? It's looking good and I thank God that our kids are benifiting from the partnership we have built with the church. Anyway, what I thought was going to just be a "meeting" discussing policies became a great gathering about vision and purpose and a heart for our children. It was really great.

Tracy Mock said...

Amanda and her friend both should do drama classes. They look like they can ham it up together pretty well!

Amy said...

Mary, it is nice to see that at least some of what I've pounded into her head has stuck. Actually I think it's more than I realize.

Tisra, I'm excited about pretty much everything at New Song.

Tracy, every time Travis reads your comments he cracks up. It doesn't really matter what you say he just thinks it's funny.

Joyce said...

My almost 16 year-old!