Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well, um, I though we were back to normal

Well, yesterday I thankfully proclaimed normalcy in the Button household but it turns out I was wrong. So here's a synopsis:

Chloe threw up for 24 hours straight. I have 3 kids and I've never seen anybody throw up that much. She couldn't keep down a sip of anything so I took her to the Dr. this morning fearing that she might be getting dehydrated. The Dr. said she wasn't but recommended a shot of phenigryn to help her stop throwing up. I said OK on the shot, desperate for anything to keep her from throwing up. I didn't realize that it was such a painful shot though and I felt bad about that. The poor thing was so sick and I tried to carry she and Halle to the van but I couldn't quite get both of them the whole way. So my poor, feverish, sick little punkin limped the rest of the way to the van. After sleeping for several hours, she is now eating crackers and sherbet and spent some time coloring and is in a great mood ( of course she is- she's Chloe).

Halle had a fever yesterday and spent about 6 hours napping. This is very un-Halle like. If she takes one two-hour nap a day I feel very blessed. She's struggled with a cough for about 4 weeks but hasn't had much fever, if any, so I hadn't taken her to the Dr. yet. But with her uncharacteristic behavior and that darn cough I decided to have her checked out as well. The Dr. said she thinks that her cough is probably asthma related and prescribed a nebulizer and a steroid. She was also behind on some shots so we had that done as well. After returning from Target for prescriptions Halle threw up again- twice. I think it's a side effect of the vaccination rather than having the stomach virus again but I'm keeping an eye on her. On a positive note though, it was really nice shopping with Halle. I usually have at least two girls with me and I haven't had very many opportunities to just shop with Halle. I picked out clothes for she and Chloe and she voiced her approval by hugging the outfits- so sweet!

So, back up a couple of hours before I went to Target...
Amanda came home from school in a foul mood and not feeling well. She's running a fever, feels achy, and has a pretty bad cough. She will probably be going to the Dr. tomorrow. I'm glad I already told Christina that I couldn't watch Blake tomorrow.

I will be very happy when the sickness cloud passes over the Button house. We've intended to go to Life Groups for the last 4 weeks and haven't been able to because somebody has been sick every week. Tomorrow, as much as possible, I will be washing sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and cleaning up every thing else that may have gotten "throw up germs" on them. And hopefully I will be starting my recovering the couch project! Last night when I went to Target on a Gator Ade run I ran across a couch cover that was originally $100 and it was on clearance for $25, yay! I will have to do some work on the couch since it's a pillow back but I think it will look nice. Then I have to cover the chair but one thing at a time.

So, soon I'm sure that health will return to the Buttons and I will have something more interesting to post about.


Tisra said...

Whew! I'm so sorry to hear that.

mary said...

Man, that's a bummer. I too am confident that health will return soon. It can seem like an eternity when they are sick.

Tracy Mock said...

Well look at the bright side...... At least its not comming out their butts and just there mouth! Both holes at once is very scary, trust me on this one! Just when I thought my gang was well the school nurse called me with Gavin running a 102 temp and informed me he wasnt allowed back at school the rest of the week due to his high fever. WHATEVER......... Its just a cold! I am bleaching everything in sight cause I dont want poor Kris to avoid bombs and then come home to killer unseen germs and be sick. Get better soon and wear a mask!