Thursday, March 30, 2006

Barbie Doll Hair

I'm having a great day today. I've gotten some things done and am in the process of baking bread. Well, making bread, I'm waiting for it to rise- I hope it does. Anyway, I have put myself on somewhat of a computer sabbatical. I've been so behind this week since Amanda has been out of town. She's visiting my parents this week. So, I have to do everything myself and I'm way behind. Actually, Travis helped put laundry away last night and that's been a great help.

So since Amanda has been out of town she took the hair straightener with her. Typically through the week I wash, dry, and straighten my hair daily. I takes about 15 minutes to do all of that and is not really a big deal. But since my hair is wavy and after blow drying I'm left with a frizzy mess and can't leave out the straightening step. So I the only hair device I have is a curling iron and am forced to curl every layer every day, therefore I am stuck with Barbie Doll hair. I suppose I could just not fix it but then I'd hate looking at myself in the mirror. Ah, vanity!

Speaking of Amanda- I really miss her! I don't think I will be able to handle it if she goes off to college (insert knot in the stomach feeling here). She's having a great time seeing all of her friends and Taylor is with her too so I know they're having a blast.

Now I'm off to check my bread dough. Ooh, and my friend Tracy's husband is home safely from Iraq- yay!


Tracy Mock said...

Ahh! I cant wait to send all mine to Florida for the summer. Kris and I wont know what to do with ourselves..... I know I will miss them since I wait on them all hand and foot. It will be a nice break though and quiet time with my honey! Much deserved after being in the Sandbox for almost 8 months............ We bought a new Ford Explorer today. You'll have to read my blog in the next few days for that!

Tell your friend Tisra thanks for the kind words on my blog!

Tisra said...

Tracy, you're welcome.

Amy, what about if you don't brush your hair. i have a lot of wave and sometimes if I know I won't have time to blow dry straight, it looks best air-dried without brushing it out. Essentially, I towel blot and then let it dry on its own- i find this keeps the waves "clumped" rather than frizzy.

Amy said...

I have tried and I do that some days but it's hit or miss. Your hair is much thicker than mine so I think it turns out better. Mine ends up looking like a bunch of tangled up yarn.

Frances said...

When you get my bread machine you can make bread all day long. I have enjoyed having your daughter this week, at least I think she was here. I haven't seen her since Monday when I took her shopping and bought her new jeans. She is growing up way to fast. I must say you have raised her well.

Tisra said...

Awwwww....isn't that the sweetest thing to hear from your mother?!

Amy said...

Wow, thanks Mom! You taught me most everything I know.

Amy said...

Oops and Dad too, of course.

mary said... did the bread turn out? I want some. I hope Amanda knows how much she is appreciated and missed. I'm sure she does. What a great gal.