Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Favorite Things Part 2

OK, the question has come up several times lately- "Is this the same Amy". I guess the answer would be yes and no. Really, I think the last in the last year or two God has really done some wonderful things in my life. And as far as my new interest in art, I've always been interested and doodled but I didn't know what to draw or to paint. I probably never would have tried because I didn't think of myself as "an artist" but Travis thought I had some talent. He really encouraged me after just seeing me draw little flowers on Chloe's Magna Doodle. So I looked up some things online and drew a droplet of water. Travis thought it was the greatest thing he'd seen (at least he acted like it was) and encouraged me to get some art supplies. I can't even begin to describe what having him in my life means to me. He always encourages me and thinks I'm the greatest (I'm feeling a little teary now). I think that I'll accomplish a thousand times more with him than I ever would have without him. He even had me sign the tulips picture and he's putting it in his cube at work.

So last night I finally purchased some watercolor, decent paint brushes, artist pencils, and a sketch book. I found everything at Wal-Mart but apparently there had been a run on watercolor supplies because all of the watercolor paper was gone. I just looked at it last week-bummer. So I did some watercolor in my sketch book. I tried the droplet of water again (see link above) but I didn't do a great job. I can do the drop by itself but when I try it on a leaf I just can't get the shading right. It ended up looking like a deformed lime. In everything that I've read so far they say that watercolor is more difficult because if you mess up you really can't fix it and they're right. I haven't used actual artist acrylics yet, I've only used the craft kind, but even with that an accidental brush stroke can add to the character or take the painting in a different direction or you can just paint over it so I think I might like acrylics better. Not that I don't like watercolor, I just need more practice.

So, on to things that you may or may not be interested in but are some of my personal faves.

Garden Botankia is a great online store that used to have shops all over the U.S., I think they tried to expand too quickly and closed all the stores and went strictly online. They are opening at makeup counters in department store in some locations now. What I love- their lipstick. It feels completely amazing on your lips. Their products are petroleum and cruelty free and for the most part I think they're botanically based (hence the name). I tried their makeup and skin care while I was in college and I loved it. They have lots of fun products (even though I love Arbonne they don't have much in the way of fun products) that are constantly changing. In the stores you could mix your own lotion or perfume with their essential oils in pre-made bases (like body shop) and I don't know if you can do the lotions now. I know you can custom design your own perfume- very cool. I loved their fruity scents- pink grapefruit and mango were my favorite- but I'm not sure if they make them anymore. The definite down side- it's online so you can't try the products before you buy them. I purchased two of a lipstick color that I wore in college because they were on clearance but the color was not quite the same. I still like it but I loved the old color.

CB2- New from Crate and Barrel. Love the modern designs and that they show the furniture in a room. I can't afford to buy from them yet but it's definitely put me in touch with my modern side (I didn't know I had one). The Crate and Barrel website has a clearance section that sometimes has really amazing deals. I saw the coolest shower curtain for $7.

Home Goods- If you've never been there before you've gotta go. There's one in Henderonville ;) It's like a Ross but cleaner. I think it's the same company. The merchandise also looks better, as in not beat up. They have great glass ware, cook ware, cook books, bedding, cute kids stuff, seasonal decor, furniture, etc. I really like this store. This is where I got my very first art tips and they send me a helpful art newsletter every week or so.

Ok, that's enough for now. I'm off to do something important and house cleaning related.


Tisra said...

Hmmm. We'll have to mske a trip to Home Goods. I remember Garden Botanika! CB2, I remember hearing about that line about two years ago, but Nashville still hasn't got a store. I really like that place- lots of good kitchen stuff. As far as art stuff goes, you are right about the watercolor being less correctable, however, it is more fluid and allows the paint dictate the final result. my point is that part of the appeal is watching colors bleed into eachother. Pure magic. One of my favorite things is a waterproof pen with watercolor...draw something and then use watercolor to fill in with color without ruining your original image. Check out Keri Smith, she is an illustrator that uses this alot. Also, I've just signed up for Illustration Friday...check that out.

Great entry, Amy.

Amy said...

Yes, absolutely!

Yes, the watercolor is pure magic unless you painted a tree branch in the wrong spot or thought that grass sprigs would look nice and it didn't (I tried both today); then it's not so magical. I will definitely check out Keri Smith- I guess I'll Google her. But I don't know what Illustration Friday is- Google that too?

mary said...

So many fun things to explore. This was a fun post.

Traci said...

I'm just stopping in to say hi and that I enjoyed talking with you tonight. Your girls are so cute. You can link to my blog through Mary's. I'm at My life as a transplanted yankee.

Joyce said...

Amy, I love you. I know that sounds weird coming from your mother-in-law....but I do. I started crying when I read your blog. Why, I don't know! I don't usually cry at the drop of a hat.....(whatever that silly saying means!).....I just enjoy talking to you so much, you always encourage me.....We really are a lot alike in some areas.....P.S. I'm glad Travis does for you what Doug does for me. He has always made me feel beautiful and smart and like I could do things I never thought I could.....