Friday, May 01, 2009

A Good Day to Be a Button Girl

It was mile run time for Chloe's school yesterday. I know I blogged about it last year but I can't seem to find it. She told me that her goal was to run it in 12 minutes but it took her 19 minutes to run it in Monday's practice. That let me know that she really needed a running buddy and since my health isn't quite to the point that I can run a mile with her, I asked Amanda to do it. And surprisingly she said yes. I say surprisingly because up until this point Amanda has shunned anything that involved a) getting sweaty and b) getting up early. But yesterday she got up as soon as her alarm clock went off and got ready to go.

Here she is being a bit grumbly because it was chilly outside. But she and Halle soon were able to pump themselves up for the run. And they're off! Chloe, my sweet little Chloe is *always* at the back of the pack. She's just not a really fast runner. But she's steady. She picks a pace and keeps it the entire way around- just like her teachers tell her to do. The rest of the pack shoots off and half way through are ready to call it quits but Chloe just keeps running.

Then at the end she's able to sprint to the finish and ends up beating a bunch of kids that she was behind to begin with. She was really proud of herself. And she finished in 11:22, beating her goal and her run time from last year by about 2 minutes! Yes, I was proud of her.

Then a little later that day I took Halle to have lunch with Chloe at school.

The girls were both really excited and Chloe's classmates cornered us in the locker area to see Halle make herself burp. Did I ever mention that's a thing that she taught herself? The kids loved it.

The other reason we were at school was because Chloe is star of the week and had the opportunity to share anything that she wanted with the class. Well, she picked Halle. I thought it was really sweet. So Chloe had Halle share 3 nursery rhymes that she taught her- Jack and Jill, Hickory Dickory Dock, and Humpty Dumpty. Which she shared perfectly. Those of you that have met Halle know what a huge improvement this is. She wouldn't talk to anybody, much less perform in front of a bunch of people. Then Chloe asked her to burp for the whole class. At least her teacher thought it was funny. I'm not really sure why Chloe looks like she's snarling in this picture.

So all in all it was a good day to be a Button girl.


Anonymous said...

Go Chloe! And I'm really proud of Amanda for being her running partner.


Mom said...

Way to go Chloe!!! I'm so proud of you...Amanda is a great big sister

Mary said...

This is like the best post ever. I mean it just doesn't get much better than sisters taking such good care of one another. Aren't you just bursting? Topping it off with accomplishments and great performances and of course there's the fact that they're all adorable. is a good day for those Button Girls.

Christy said...

Oh-so-much-fun! Can I just say that I especially heart the burping? See, I come from a male-dominated environment. This sister stuff doesn't always make sense to me. But burping? I get that.

Ms. Tee said...

How neat that your girls are close to each other - so sweet!

Tracy Mock said...

How sweet a day it was!!!!!