Friday, May 29, 2009


Um, yeah, I've been meaning to post, but, know stuff comes up and then we had a big storm and it knocked us offline for a couple of days. The very nice AT&T repairman left a little bit ago and now I have service again. I have to say though that not having the option of checking e-mail or blogs has left me way less distracted and I like it.

The past week was positively wonderful- mostly. Last Friday (a whole week ago!) Kris and Mary kept our kiddos overnight (!) so that Trav and I could have a date night. We dropped the kids off later than we wanted to because of work and traffic and Chloe being completely grubby when I picked her up from school but it worked out nicely because we were able to go to Providence in Mt. Juliet for dinner and some shopping. I was excited because I've always had a little crush on Mt. Juliet as a place. I mean, it sounds so romantic doesn't it? And it's really pretty. But I hardly ever make the drive because it's so far from where we live. Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday's and it was fabulous. No really. It's not gourmet exactly, but I *love* their crabcakes. And I think that their menu is really fabulous. Travis got a bison burger- he loves those.

The next day we met Kris and Mary at the Pfunky Griddle. It was really nice to be out and have breakfast together. Mary mentioned that it was too hot and I wasn't really hot but as a general rule I don't get into places that you have to cook your own food. I know it's popular and other people seem to really get into it but I cook all the time. We rarely go out to eat- other than say, Chick-Fil-A, so if we're going to go out I want to have my food cooked for me while I enjoy a nice conversation with friends. Which we had- with Kris because Mary sat at a table with *all* of the kids. I'm not sure how that happened.

Memorial Day was nice and relaxed. We talked and cleaned and grilled steaks. We still have a watermelon in the cooler that we haven't cut. It always seems like a good idea but a whole watermelon for 5 people is a lot.

On Wednesday we had a really big storm. It reminded me of a Florida storm with lots of lightning and thunder. And wouldn't you know it- the weatherman said we had some sort of tropical air mass- thing. I enjoyed the storm. Mostly because I didn't have to go out in it. That afternoon I had a Dr. appt. because I wasn't feeling well but on the way Halle came down with something. Really, within an hour she went from being normal to being lethargic and sneezing and just sitting in my lap moaning about not feeling well. That kind of thing was normal with Chloe and Amanda but not with Halle. My Dr. was so concerned about her that she went ahead and checked her out while we were there. She didn't have a fever then so we decided to wait to do an antibiotic but she got progressively worse that day. And it was Life Group day and we were supposed to lead worship. And we did. I sang with Halle sitting in my lap. She rallied a bit after worship and our Life Group leader had brought some Gator Aid-pink- which helped. She's on antibiotics now and is better than she was but she's still really not feeling well.

And today....hmmm. I have plans for today. Chloe is maybe, possibly skipping school. My brain went on summer vacation two weeks ago and I can't seem to get her to bed on time. She's got two full days next week and the last day is two hours long. I'm not sure why they do that. But I'm looking forward to it. I started a little pillowcase dress last week for Halle and got stuck because I bought the wrong size bias tape. It really is the easiest thing ever and I'm getting better at the whole sewing thing. I'm determined to finish it today and make one for Chloe. If I just worked on dresses for the whole day I could probably knock out all four that I have in mind to make for them (two each). But I also have a ton of cleaning to do. So I'll try to stay balanced and have a lot to show for the end of the day. And maybe tonight I can watch something interesting and get started on finishing my grandma's quilt. It looks like she's completely sewn it together by hand- big undertaking. It's coming apart in a couple of places so that should be a piece of cake to take care of. And I guess that's all for now.


Ms. Tee said...

A date night, what's that?! lol
I'm glad you got to spend some time with your husband. I've never been to Mt. Juliet, but you have my curiosity up now. Hope you have a peaceful weekend~ :)

Mary said...

We had fun with the girls. I would love to see your grandmother's quilt and you are of course welcome to Mt. Juliet anytime you can get away. I think maybe when Chloe is done with school we'll have to plan a lunch. Nothing too early...nothing too close to traffic hours.

Christy said...

What a lot of fun for one week! I really can't wait to see the pillowcase dress...