Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have a tendency to smoosh several blog posts into one because I don't blog everyday. I wish I did. I know bloggers that blog nearly every day and I get disappointed when they don't blog. I mean, I'm not doing it but I like knowing what's going on. Maybe I'm nosy. Or maybe the constant bloggers should just take it as a compliment that I like reading their stuff. Anyway, let the smooshing begin.

I think I kind of left everybody hanging a couple of posts ago. I wasn't ready to jump off a bridge or anything I just had to face some things. It's amazing what happens when you do. First of all you might find out even more than you thought you already knew. I'm just going to be vague on that for a while. But if any of us sit down and have some coffee sometime I'd be happy to spill it. The internet is really public. And the second thing is that when you face your fears, really look them in the eye you realize that they're just a vapor. So I've done it and I'm not freaked out anymore by who finds me or what happens. I'm ready to do whatever, whenever.

My hubby has been out of town since Sunday, in Monticello, KY on a business trip (so I'm positive that he's not having any fun, poor guy). I was a bit mopey on Sunday and Monday but yesterday I was able to talk myself out of it and have fun with the kiddos. I'm trying to do a better job of raising the girls purposefully and spend less time just wasting time with this or that. I read a little note on my former voice teacher's web page that was inspirational. Because I really do feel like when I'm spending time with my family I'm often distracted. So yesterday morning Halle and I spent time outside (in our pj's) and she picked lots of "flowers" for me. I know they were weeds but it was so sweet. And then later I took Chloe and Halle to the park and then we planted stuff. Finally. We could have planted earlier, I think but I still remember that freakish freeze we had in April a couple of years ago. So we planted yellow pear tomato seeds and mini carrots. And that was all we had time for. It takes a while to get those teensy little seeds in the ground if you're being careful. That's probably why most people buy plants that are already successful. But I can't afford that. Tomorrow (hopefully the rain will stop) we'll plant pansies (also and edible by the way) and basil and possibly small sugar pumpkins. I'm not sure if it's time to plant those yet. The package says that they're perfect for pies and such- we'll see. I know I didn't have much success with pumpkins last year but I didn't know what kind of pumpkin it was and I'm pretty sure I drowned it. I read online that they need lots and lots of water but they were talking giant pumpkins so I have my fingers crossed. I have quite a few sunflowers growing from last year because birds are messy eaters and they dropped seeds all over the place. Unfortunately they're growing in spots that they can't possibly survive. It's hard for me to pull up plants- which is why I stink at gardening. It kills me to think that I'm taking a living plant and pulling it out of the ground by the roots to let it slowly die from lack of nutrients. I know it's not a person but I still hate it.

Here are my weed flowers from my sweet little Halle. She gets such joy from giving them to me and they actually smell good.

I think they look sweet in a little bud vase in the window. That's one of the reasons I bought these. The other reason was to fill them with cranberries and a white tapered candle for Thanksgiving. But I didn't end up staying here for Thanksgiving. And as a side note- yellow is totally my new color! I have this habit of picking a new color that I'm infatuated with every couple of years. For the last few years it's been turquoise but this year it's yellow. I remember yellow being my color in 7th grade too. I had yellow lipstick ladies! Really. It was the '80's after all.
I decided that I'd try peat pots this year for planting (except for the carrots). I never, ever get the spacing right when I sow a bunch of seeds right into planters so I'm hoping that this will help. The roots of the plants will grow right through these so you can just stick the whole thing into the ground.
Chloe was so excited. She begged and begged to do "some planting". I really hope that I have some success with this stuff. I don't like tomatoes but I'm hoping that yellow pear tomatoes taste better raw than the red ones- blech. And I thought that yellow salsa would be fun. I don't think that anyone would go for yellow pizza sauce though. Crossing my fingers for carrots and pumpkins and basil and pansies. Hopefully at least a few. And Travis is coming home tonight so I'm going to do some marathon house


Mary said...

I'm so jealous of you planting girls. I wish I were more motivated to do it. I see myself doing it, but it never happens. I'll enjoy your green things from here. I told myself yesterday that when there are no more diapers in the house...that is the year I will try planting things. I'm very intimidated.

I also wished I had some of those bud vases the past couple of days as Owen has been bringing me lots of "flowers" and I don't wish to drown them in a cup. I'll have to keep my eye out for some. My mom used to put our flowers in shot glasses. I had no idea what a shot glass was as a kid. We never used them for anything but dandelions. :)

Amy said...

Well, if you can't tell already I don't always have great success in gardening. It's also easier if you're just planting things in pots rather than having to cultivate soil and pull weeds and such.

On the bud vases- I saw a four pack of teensy ones at target for about $4. They're the perfect size for the "flowers" that kiddos pick.

Christy said...

I feel the same way that you do about pulling up plants. I just can't do it! It seems like you guys had so much fun - some honest-to-goodness, fully-present, mom-and-kids time is just the best. Though I can't imagine anyone not liking tomatoes!
I'm hoping I get to have coffee with you one day and hear all of the deepest darkest bits that you won't share on the internet. That's just the sort of thing I like to do.

Amy said...

Christy, I've really tried to like raw tomatoes. My whole family liked tomatoes and I've never been able to eat them raw. I love them cooked or any kind of tomato sauce.

I'd love to get coffee and spill it sometime. You know it's got to be interesting if I won't share it, right?

Ms. Tee said...

Your girls are so cute! I picked some of those very same weeds today, before my husband mowed them down. :) And so great that you've been planting veggies - I keep meaning to do it but never get around to it!