Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Should Add...

I've been asked a couple of times if the cats are in a place that the girls could visit and the answer to that is no. We aren't telling the girls where they are because we think that it's easier for them that way. They are in a place that they need to be adopted though. I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it is to find a place to take cats. There are so many out there and it doesn't matter how wonderful yours are, they just aren't taking them. And I'm going on about them but I really do want them to find a loving home again so if you know anybody in this area that wants a cat let me know and I'll e-mail you.

I mentioned that I made them spend Monday night outside because I couldn't take it anymore. Well, these are inside cats, they like to go outside but they aren't equipped to stay there. Tuesday morning they were crying to get inside and Phoenix started climbing the front screen door. I guess he figured out that I would take him inside if he didn't stop. Of course I did and the first thing he did was look for the litter box. He's big but he's a baby.
Apparently none of them slept that night because when I let them all back in so I could get them ready to go they passed out.

I let the girls have their pictures taken with them all one last time so we could remember them. This is Bailey and she lets the girls carry her around like Phoenix does. They were both so paitent with them. Sometimes she'd cry to get into the girls room to play with them.

And this is Sophie. I was her human. For some reason she loved me more than anyone else. A lot of times I lay across the bed on my stomach when I'm reading the Bible and praying. She would often lay on the small of my back and purr. Other times she'd take a nap with me. She's not as good with small kids as the others are. Probably because when she was a kitten Halle would pick her up by her head and carry her around. She likes big people much better. But she also fetches. Yes, really. She likes to chase those tabs from milk jugs so if you toss one in the room she'll bring it back. She doesn't always get it all the way back to you but close.

So I guess I'm done. I really didn't think that I'd have such a hard time with this but I really miss them. I just want them to find a good home. What I really want is to not be allergic to cats but I don't think I'm going to get that.


Christy said...

(sniff) I'm sorry. I can hear how loved they are in your words.

Amy said...

Thanks. I may or may not have bawled all the way through writing this post. I'm having a rough day. I want a puppy. :( I'm sure Travis won't let me have one for a *long* time. But he usually knows what I need better than I do.

Tisra said...

Oh AMY! Allow yourself a pet free home for a bit before introducing something else. Get that house cleaned top to bottom and see how it improves your health. You're right, Travis will see that you're taken care of and make a wise decision.

About adopting the cats- are you a member for Freecycle? If not, I could post for you. Surely *someone* wants them. Also, maybe craigslist?

Mary said...

You really make them sound wonderful and I am NOT a cat person at all.

As Owen used to tell Ivan (at the top of his lungs) when he cried as an infant..."IT WILL BE BETTER!"

Ms. Tee said...

Oh, I'm sorry you had to give the cats away. My mom loves cats, too, but can't have them because she is allergic.