Monday, September 08, 2008


I'm going to postpone Open House Tuesday this week because of a phone call I got this morning from my mother-in-law. She told me that Trav's cousins husband (so technically his cousin also but it gets confusing) was killed in a motorcycle accident. I only met him once, last summer during Flugtag . Danielle (his cousin) called and they worked all week to get us together and finally we settled on having a late breakfast at Cracker Barrell. It was the first (and only) time we would see him. He was a nice guy and in the 3 1/2 years they were married was in Iraq for a while. It's just such a shame and tragedy that I haven't been able to shake it all day. It's time like these that make me want to move back home, so that we can be part of our families lives unlike we are now. But it's a knee jerk reaction and certainly not the wise decision.

I took the girls to the park this afternoon and Travis met us after work. The girls played and then Travis watched them so I could take a walk and clear my head. It's amazing how the death of someone you don't even really know can affect you so much. I think it's probably more about the people that I do know and care about and what they're facing that is weighing so heavily on me. I want to be there and I can't be and even if I was, I don't have a relationship with Danielle. Not more than a 'good to see you, how are you' quick catch up sort of way. Anyway, I just don't feel like looking at houses tonight. I'm sure you understand. But lest this be an incredible bummy sort of post I'll leave you with this.

This is the sign that was posted on my fridge this morning. I guess I forgot to tell you all that we're teaching her Jedi mind tricks.

And the modified sign a few minutes later.


Christy said...

I think death, anywhere and any way it crosses our path, reminds us of how precious our time is here. It always affects me deeply too.
I really loved your signs! If Chloe's not too "imbarist" still, tell her I think it sounds like a fun learning activity. It looks similar to classes we have around here.

Mary said...

I'm laughing so hard at Chloe's clever signs that I almost feel irreverent after such a heartfelt post.

I will say that in my own experiences with death I always have at least a day of bewilderment. Even when it's someone I know little about or have met only a few times...I find it hard to go about my daily activities for a while. I often cry for these people...for their families and their friends. I don't have to know them...I can relate to missing someone who meant something and I try to offer what I can in the way of words and worship to the God who cares about all of us. Then I usually hug my kids a little harder and rock them a little longer.

Tracy Mock said...

Wow! You guys would be surprised at the astonishing number of motorcycle deaths that take place with a soldier on them that has come home from Iraq. It is very sad. The best thing you can offer them Amy is prayer and that is somethings huge in the face of death even though you 2 are not close.

I love Cloe's sense of humor! She is a real Jem here on earth!!!!

Amy said...

Christy, I think that Chloe and Emma would be very good friends if they lived close to each other. I think they'd "get" each other when a lot of people don't.

Mary, I wanted to add a bit of levity to an otherwise serious post. No need to drag you guys down with me, right? And I did hug my kids and husband a little tighter yesterday.

Tracy, Chloe is a gem on earth and I tell her that nearly every day.

Tisra said...

I couldn't post earlier, even though I read this this morning, and knew about it since yesterday. Chloe's sign is PERFECT in lightening the mood. Not only that, but I can completely picture her embarrassment over the incident. She's a cutie.

I think that when we are impacted in this way, the only response is action. Regardless of how little you know them. God placed in you, certain emotions and feelings regarding the situation for a purpose. Whether it is for Travis to go down there, or for you to simply pray for them relentlessly through the days to come, only you have the ability to know. Take it as a gift, that the Lord put compassion and brokenheartedness upon you. May He use your family to show His love in this time of hurt.

Hooked on Houses said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. How tragic. It sort of knocks the wind out of you to get news like that. -Julia

P.S. Love the signs! Too funny.