Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Kind of Tired

And I would still be nailing down floors but the nail gun is jammed and Travis doesn't seem to be able to fix it. So the 2 day project is turning to a 5 day project and is running scarily close to our 9th anniversary. I have lots of owies and amazingly enough the one that hurts the most is the one I don't remember doing. How do you hurt your thumb and it be so insignificant that you don't feel it and then a couple of days later get a searing pain every time you bump it? Anyway, I know you don't want me to write...you want pictures! And I want to show you pictures, really. But my camera cable is buried along with 100 other cables in my bedroom right now and I'm kind of tired and it looks like a bomb went off in here and since the gun is jammed it looks like I could actually escape and go to sleep.

I started working on it at 8:30 this morning and have worked on it all day with the exception of getting Chloe to and from school, running to Lowe's and picking up pizza. Then an angel from heaven in the form of a guy from our life group came over and worked with us for a couple of hours. I felt useless on the floor front but it gave me a chance to help Chloe with her homework and get her showered. Then our life group leader dropped by with his daughter (who just happens to be a very good friend of Chloe's) just to see the progress. But I was going to sneak off to bed, wasn't I? Well, if you can't wait to see pictures then you can just drop by and see for yourself. I think we're about 2/3 of the way done with the exception of trim work- that will be a weekend in itself I imagine. I'm glad we've done it because I knew we could and working with a nailgun is fun but if you *can* hire someone to do it for you, I totally would.


Mary said...

I had in my head it was your 10th anniversary...but of course it was 1999 and I was at your wedding and it was silly of me to think such a thing.

Sorry about your thumb...maybe it's one of those things where it hurts because you've been using it in a weird way over and over? I don't know.

When Kris and I uncovered the hard wood floors in our first house...we worked late into the night pulling up the carpet tacking strips and staples all over the floor. Even though our fingers were torn up and our backs were sore and we didn't enjoy the actual work...it is one of my very favorite memories of our marriage. Working together and accomplishing something is a wonderful anniversary celebration. But you definitely need to get showered and go out for dinner or something too.

Can't wait for the pics.

Tisra said...

I think I'll kill you if you don't go to the Melting Pot, and instead work on the floors! Whatever it takes, you *will* drop everything and have a romantic outing!

And, I'm totally taking you up on the invite to drop by. I'll call first, but I have got to see it!!!!

Amy said...

Mary, the thumb thing is one of two things 1. I pulled the thumbnail away from the fingernail bed or 2. I jammed something in there and either way it got infected. I'll spare you anymore details...gross. It feels much better today though. And I remember helping you pull up the carpet but didn't realize the work that went into getting those tack strips up. I do enjoy the time that I'm spending with the family with no TV or computer.

Tisra, there is no way I'm working on this after today so it has to get done. We're absolutely going to the melting pot, we need a break. I just hope we get our house back together before then or it will still be very stressful.