Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary to us. Well, last week anyway. Our timing was impeccable as always. I mean, why wouldn't we install new flooring the week of our anniversary? It left us both so tired that we were both a little edgy on the actual day. On Wednesday night (the night before our anniversary) we were determined to finish and Chloe and Halle were determined to have a breakdown. There was lots of crying and stress with Halle finally going to bed at 1:30am. Five days of "get out of the kitchen" really took it's toll on them. And that night at 11:00 Travis got paged and had to go into work for some sort of big issue. Which left me to finish up. I was grouchy but plowed through and had it very nearly finished by 1am. We finished up about 1:30. Travis was trying to use the nailgun for as many rows as possible and we were down to two rows left when the nail gun pooped out. We were going to have to do most of the last couple rows by hand since the nailgun won't fit so it's just a couple of extra boards. Anyway, we were both tired, Travis wasnt' able to take any time off at all which would have helped. And in hindsight, we wouldn't do a big project like that again without him being able to be here. I get grouchy when the majority of a big project falls to me. Thankfully he did most of the detail stuff...I won't talk about the detail stuff because it's boring but if anyone out there wants to put down hardwood floors yourself, give us a call and we can give you some pointers.

Sooo, with all of the tiredness we weren't able to get things back in order in time. I wanted to but I crashed Friday and spent all of my "getting things in order time" sleeping. Travis encouraged me too because he didn't want me to be tired and grouchy on our actual date. We had big plans and more than one date has been ruined for taking too much on and being tired because of it. But I hadn't gotten anything to wear. I intended to beforehand and ran out of time. We were going to the Melting Pot and I wanted to look nice. I didn't think my normal go-to outfit of jeans and a t-shirt would do- although I did see plenty of people in jeans that night. Plus how often do you get to dress up with your hubby? Thankfully Tisra offered to let me drop the girls off early and I decided to take her up on it. Which enabled me to go find something to wear without the girls asking 1,000 questions while I was trying to think. I ended up at Target at found some super-cute Isaac Mizrahi pants that fit really well-except they were too long. But I decided that in a million years I would probably not find a pair of pants that fit that well and took them. I tried them on with the three inch peep toe heels I was hooked on and they still hit the ground so even though I was pressed for time I knew I'd have to hem them- quickly. Travis had called me an hour earlier and told me that he'd rented a hotel room! In a million years I never expected that but since the house was still seriously trashed it only made sense. It was a really cool hotel too... Dinner was delightful and the room was amazing. And that is what I'll leave you with today- pictures of our uber cool hotel experience. I think this was the best anniversary we've ever had.
This is the floor of the elevator. It's that cool squishy stuff that leaves an imprint when you step on it.And the awesome king size bed. I want one of those. The comfortor was very comfy.The lobby is amazing. There are lots of places to sit and talk- it's very comfy.And the outdoor seating area. We didn't spend much time out here because it was after 11am and we hadn't eaten anything yet (reminds me of our honeymoon) but it was still fun.Here we are in the big white thing from the above picture. Very fun.


Tisra said...

Awwwww. I'm so glad you were able to rest, and reflect and got to do it in *style*! God bless you and your marriage for a zillion years to come!

Tracy said...

I'm so glad you had a WONDERFUL anniversary!!!!!

Christy said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful little getaway.