Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally the Play by Play

Are you ready to see the before and afters? I know you are, actually I am too. I still have work to do this morning and I've promised Trav that I'll be nearly done by the time he gets home so I better get moving. So here's the funky furniture placement before. Notice that there is about two inches between the chair and the computer desk, so yeah, it's cramped. The solution I have in my head is to put the computer and components on my dresser in the bedroom which will solve a few issues. The first is that I tend to leave a bunch of random junk on the top which is very annoying to Trav and myself (apparently not annoying enough for me to do anything about it though) and I'll also have a way to watch DVD's when I'm working out- nice. We've been a strict 'no TV in the bedroom' couple but since our room also serves as a workout room it doesn't count.
And here's a shot of the lovely kitchen. Notice the broken floor tiles. Thankfully we have a decent walking path through there.
More broken tiles.
Cramped kitchen + power tools= a lot of stress.
But the girls are *really* excited about the new floors!

This is not an obligatory cute Chloe shot. It is, in fact, a shot of Chloe working to help pull up the vinyl tiles on the floor. She worked like a champ and was a lot of help.

Rolling out the roofing felt...Travis is starting the first row. And since you have to do that one by hand, it took a *long* time.And here's the hallway. It's finished except for the, um, finish work that you can see. We need to get reducers and baseboards but it's walkable.And the work that is yet to be done. I think if I work really hard for two or three hours I can get the majority of it done. This has to be done tonight though.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour. It will probably be another week and a half before we get the baseboards up unless I can figure out how to do it while Travis is an work. And we have two weeks before Trav's mom and brother come for a visit. I still need to any paint color suggestions? I'm thinking a nice green or a blue-gray.


Mary said...

It looks sooooo good. You guys are doing a great job and the whole house will feel better for it.

I really don't think the yellow looks that bad with the floor...but it may just be the lighting in the picture. I'm sure you know better than I do. I was thinking green or a soft aqua. Sort of like your glasses. I also thought of a very muted salmon color but that might be too much. If you are going to paint the cabinets a color...a rich cream might be good on the walls. many fun possibilities.

Amy said...

It's so sad but normally I would look at paint as a fun possibility and now I just want it done. I'll probably have to get some paint samples and actually try them out on the walls first. Believe it or not, I tried a gray-blue swatch that looked really nice with the floors. But I'll have to see it on the walls first to know for sure.

Mom said...

The hallway looks so much longer. I agree with Mary the yellow doesn't look that bad. I would wait until it's all finished and then decide on a color. And since you are a pro now you can come and help me do mine.

Mary said...

Well, you know I've really enjoyed our blue in this kitchen, though it wasn't exactly what I was going's a soothing color and I like it with the wood and the cream counter tops.

I just never pictured you with a blue kitchen...are you sure you're not Travis?

Amy said...

Ha! Very funny. I actually really like shades of blue too, just not FL Gator blue. I like beachy blues.

Tracy said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I have to agree with your mom I like the yellow. Its very calming and home if you know what I mean? I think like a very dark toupe or almost a chocolate color would look good trimmed around the kitchen to make those floors pop even more, something darker. But what ever colors you go with your very creative and it will look amazing. You've inspired me by the way and I am now repainting all of Zacks antique furniture in his room.... Can we say black snot from all the paint fumes! LOL

Angie said...

Amy~ The floors look really great and I love that Chloe jumped in there to help! I know she must be so proud. Very cute pics of the girls! I like the yellow too but it would be fun to try something new! Hope you guys have recovered:)

Christy said...

Man! That looks great! Go Chloe:)
I'm actually no good with paint color suggestions, so I'll stay out of this one. I just stand at the wall of chips and feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and never can quite choose without help.