Monday, September 15, 2008

Open House Tuesday...Kitchen Edition

This is a special edition of Open House Tuesday. We're not going to a specific house, instead we're going to look at just kitchens!!! I was browsing and saw the headliner "Take Your Kitchen to Island Paradise". But apparently I read it wrong and thought it said "take your kitchen to *an* island paradise" and thought I was going to see a bunch of kitchens painted in tropical colors. But instead it is about islands- the kitchen variety. And, wow, I really love islands so it works out perfectly. But wait, there's more! Instead of just putting the pictures of the islands up, I am going to put up the pictures *and* pick one for each of the people that typically reads and comments on my blog. My Mom is an exception because I know she reads but rarely comments, so I'm picking one for her too. And I have a couple of requests...first, after looking at all the pictures please pick *one* and only one kitchen and tell us which one you picked. Second, I'd like for you to pick one for me and then I'll tell you which one I picked in the comments on Thursday. Are you ready? Here we go...

Here's kitchen #1 and I picked this one for....nobody. I thought about picking this one for Tracy because she likes to be different but in thinking about her decor, I decided that her design style is a little more traditional with perhaps a splash of whimsy...but not a kitchen she's going to hate and have to remodel in two years. Plus what's up with that tiny island?

This is kitchen #2 and (except for those hideous chairs) I'm picking this one for my Mom. It's more traditional like she is and has a ginormous island for those huge family get togethers she has. She refuses any bit of help and this kitchen is perfect with enough space for her to dash about like mad, while the rest of the family samples the 82 appetizers she's made- and my Aunts have room to help her when she's not looking.
This is kitchen #3 and I'm picking it for...Christy. I love the big island and think that it's homey and cottagey enough for Christy's big parties. I was definitely on the fence about this one because of the weird looking stone but I think with a different backsplash she'd settle in just fine.Here's kitchen #4 with another big beautiful island and I suspect that my Mom may like this one as well *but* the galley-ish style is making me say no.Here's kitchen #5 and I'm going to pick this one for my M-I-L. She has great taste and it's frilly and girly and she'd have no trouble putting a lot of pink in here. And she'd be able to host a Christmas party for us and her 85 closest relatives- seriously, I think there are that many.

And here's #6 and the one I'm picking for Angie and Julia. I wasn't sure at first but the farmhouse style sink and beautiful windows overlooking the back yard sealed the deal. I think it might possibly be too much- but we're talking about their mansions now, right? I have no trouble picturing their autumn decor fitting right in here. And probably a window treatment that changes with the seasons. Beachy in the summer, pumpkin for fall, red for lends itself to all seasons with architectural interest and the style of days gone by.

This kitchen is #7 and I'm picking this one for Tracy. I love the harlequin pattern on the backsplash and the exposed stainless steel range hood. I think it's a nice mix of traditional and modern and just a little bit different.OK, you know who I'm picking #8 for, right? It's Mary, of course. With clean lines, square and brushed nickel island light, blue glass tile back splash and a suite of stainless steel appliances, this one screams Mary to me. Hmmm, who to pick for #9...who to pick....who to pick? This is a tricky one because I can see Tisra all over it. With simple clean lines, stainless steel minimalism at it's finest, I wonder if she'd actually go for it. I'm going to say no though and pick....#10 for her instead. It still has clean lines but with the warmth of dark stained cabinets and interesting architectural lines. I think with her big family she'd pick a modern but not stark kitchen that is functional for the biggest family dinners, home school experiments and holiday baking. I'm doubtful that the "indulge" thing would stay though.And that's it. Please don't be afraid to say if you hate my pick, I can't imagine I'm batting 1,000 here- batting zero would let me know that I don't know nearly as much about you guys as I thought I did. But no worries because this is a strictly fun thing. And I must confess that I haven't actually picked a kitchen yet. I have a leaning but there are parts to each of them that I really like. That's the trouble with being the artsy type (which most of you are too) we just like too much stuff. I will narrow it down to one by Thursday though and I can't wait to see which ones you guys pick. Happy hunting.


Hooked on Houses said...

What a fun post! And I'm so excited that you included me in it! You picked a good one for me. In real life it would be too grand, but it's fun to dream. My real-life kitchen would probably be a mix of that one and the one at the end of the post.

I can't remember which one I decided for you now. Shoot. When I'm on this comments page, I can't see the photos any more. So I'll guess...the last kitchen in the post for you. But I really have no idea. I just know the ones I like best!

Loved this, Amy! -Julia :-)

Mary said...

I think I like them all. I really like the one you picked for me...especially the square lights...I'm partial to #4 as well. In your pick for me I think the room needs more color...something to liven it up a bit...nothing wrong with just needs more.

Tracy said...

You picked the right one for me. I liked #4 too. I'm all about wrought iron, black, and dark wood, with an occasional cool looking tile thrown in!

I loved that cobblestone wall in ummm cant remember that number?? But I loved it! LOL

Mary said...

I'm looking at them again...and though you almost picked #9 for Tisra I think that's the one I would most like to WORK in. I mean...I could just see myself really enjoying the processes of cooking and baking in such a raw kitchen. It's not the one I'd want to look at everyday I'm picking it for my summer kitchen.

Tisra said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones you picked for me. You're right, I'd never put up an "indulge" sign... but oh well.

I love the modern, and yet, I'm also thinking it needs more *punch*, you know. Sunset magazine always has the kitchens I'd like. Modern, graphic, or clean lines.

I think you'd do well with #5 or #7. But, I think you need more color, too.

Amy said...

OK, it's not Thursday yet but I posted this Monday night and I want to get a chance to pick. My biggest surprise was Tisra picking #5 for me. Wow that's fancy! I didn't think I came off as such a fancy girl, maybe I do. I also love #7, mostly because of that harlequin pattern on the backsplash. And I like #9 but I think I'd want color and stuff in there and completely defeat the purpose. So I'm picking #10. It's warm and colorful and beautifully functional. I think I'm a simple girl at heart. But the "indulge" thing would have to go.

Thanks for playing along everybody, this was fun.

Christy said...

I'm coming in on this one a little late - so sorry to have missed the fun!! I think you were pretty spot-on with my kitchen:) I love the cottage-y feel. Not *too* froo-froo (though I do love me some shabby chic) and that huge island - loving it. Plus, I'm super in love with the fridge and I actually think I like that weird stone. It feels kind of story-book-ish. A little bit Hansel and Gretel, maybe! Though, I'd be torn between that and Joyce's kitchen. Hers is awfully fabulous too.