Monday, September 01, 2008

Date Night!!!

Wow! It seems like months, well it probably has been, but Travis and I finally had a date night last night. Amanda has quit her job to focus on some more important things in this season of her life (college started this past Thursday) so it seems that we have a babysitter again. I typically don't like going out on Sunday nights because Travis has to work the next day and Chloe has school, we've never been able to get out of the house before 8 o'clock because we were waiting on Amanda to get home from work and I felt stressed the whole time to get back. But since today is Labor Day, we had nothing to worry about. Of course, we also didn't know what we were going to do. There's not really that much to do on a Sunday night around here. When I was in college people that weren't from Lakeland would complain about there being nothing to do there and I was always very defensive about that. There was plenty to do in Lakeland and if you tired of doing things there, it was a short drive to the beach or Kissimmee or Orlando, etc. In Franklin they roll up the streets at 9 or earlier. We were going to go to a movie but there is absolutely nothing worth seeing and then we were going to go to play Grand Old Golf in Nashville- we haven't played putt-putt in years. But we decided to have dinner first.

When we left our house we were determined to not talk about anything house or kids related- which proved to be impossible since there are some pretty cool flooring to be purchased for the Button casa in the next few days. But I somehow got into a really, really chatty mood and talked at Travis for an hour or so while he listened and nodded graciously. It reminded me of our talks in the midi-lab at SEU before we were dating. I would talk incessantly (often telling the same story 4 or 5 times) and he would listen and laugh at the appropriate moments and somehow we fell in love...funny. We would have talked longer but I went to the ladies room and he went to get a drink and they cleared our table so I felt guilty about sitting at it again. We took a drive and decided to go to Starbuck's in downtown Franklin. We got there at 9:20 and they were closed! Closed! I was a little bummed. All of the main roads leading to the town square had been closed for the weekend and I didn't know why but when we got out of the car we heard live jazz music. I love jazz. Well, I love the jazz that's mostly horn driven, that has a melody and such. I appreciate the more modern very dissonant jazz but it's not too long before I start to feel stressed. Anyway, we started walking around and found out that this weekend was the annual jazz festival and it was $5 to get in. That's really cheap but it was already late and I figured it would be ending any time which is what I told Travis. A kind gatekeeper happened to hear me and said "it's really late so you guys can just go in, really, it's no big deal". So we got to go in after all. At that point the bands had changed from jazz to salsa, which I like too. I really should have been born Cuban. The bands name was 'something, something, something, Cuba!". Not "kewba" but "cooba" said really, really fast. There were people dancing in the streets and people in lawn chairs and one mom was dancing with her toddler son. It was so sweet and relaxing. We found a bench to sit on and talked. It ended at 10, much to the disappointment of the audience. But apparently there's a city ordinance that says that all music must stop at 10- bummer.

We headed home surprisingly refreshed and our kiddos met us at the door. They had several incredibly important things to tell us and Halle had to slide down Trav's legs. It's amazing how much they miss you in four hours. All in all we had a great time and I didn't feel even the teensiest bit guilty for having fun without my kids (I tend to have a problem with that). I can hardly wait until next time.


Christy said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful. Date night is so important, but it's the last thing we ever get around to, isn't it? And what's with Starbucks closed at 9:20? That's just wrong.

Mary said...

Sounds like a very, very good evening. All the talking and spontaneous festival enjoyment makes for a great memory. I'm so glad you were able to do it guilt free too...I totally get that.

Sue said...

What is this guilt you all speak of- I just hand over the crying, clingy three-year-old and RUN, run as fast as I can! :-)

Seriously, though, I'm happy you finally were able to get out and enjoy each other.