Sunday, March 13, 2005

March 13

I used to try to come up with really creative titles for my posts but since I'm having trouble finding time to post at all I think I'll retire that...for now.

We finally made it to Chuck E. Cheese's yesterday. First of all I'd like to say we had a lot of fun. It was exactly as I expected it would be; wall to wall screaming children, not so great pizza, and we had to stand in line to play anything. I wasn't disappointed though because I was expecting it, Travis was a different story. He really gets excited about things sometimes and if they don't turn out the way he thinks they will he gets very disappointed. I think it took his childlike giddiness about 10 minutes to disappear. He wasn't grumpy after that he was just less enthusiastic. After about two hours in the hot, loud environment it was time to go feed Halle, which I did outside. Overall we had a good time but we've decided that next time we're eating somewhere else and we'll go on a Tuesday.

Amanda met a friend at church today and for the first time in 4 months she didn't sit with us. She also went home with her (Jennifer) and is now spending the night. I'm very happy for her. Jennifer is home schooled too and it's great that Amanda finally has a friend here.

Working out is finally starting to pay off some. Of course, there is always the cardiovascular benefit but who's really thinking about that when they want to lose weight. I have started doing interval training which I heard was the best way to lose weight and I'm finding that it's true. It's very simple and works great for me since I don't like to jog for 45 minutes at a time. Here's an address describes interval training well.

If I was not technically challenged I wouldn't have that whole thing up there, but I am. You'll have to copy and paste it into the address bar because, again, I'm technically challenged. I'll have to ask Travis how to do that.

I have finally launched Arbonne. I made several phone calls today and have one class definitely scheduled (thank you, Christina) and 3 more tenatively scheduled. I'm excited and am looking forward to doing very well. Arbonne is unheard of in Birmingham so there is a lot of potential here. As usual, I owe a huge thank you to Mary and Tisra who always are there to help me out with whatever new thing I'm doing. I love you guys!

And I'll be taking a trip to the Nashville area in less than 2 weeks! I'm so very excited to see everybody and to show off the kids. I can hardly wait!


mary said...

Christina called me yesterday and asked me if you could do my party...of course I was thrilled with the idea. I can't wait to see you all!

Tisra said...

Watching my heart rate has been the most valuable thing workout-wise for me. I bought a Polar heart rate monitor when I first started working out at the gym (4 years ago) and it was a good investment for 30 dollars so that I didn't have to do the finger-on-the-wrist/throat thing. Keeping in the appropriate "zone" while doing certain workouts also determines what your body uses for energy...I like making sure most of my workout stays in the FAT zone. Amazingly, that means I don't have to work out to absolute exhaustion to get results. I love science and biology and all that good stuff.

Amy said...

I kept track of my heart rate today and I was only above my heart rate range once. Coincidentally it was when I was completely exhausted.