Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I really, really want to post about something interesting. Unfortunately there is nothing going on right now that is interesting. Dr.'s appointments and antibiotics are beyond boring and I'm just over the whole thing. I came back from vacation inspired and hopeful and ready to tackle everything on the home front- even painting the cabinets. But I've been sidelined since then. Now the only thing I've accomplished is watching way too many Gilmore Girls episodes. You know you've watched too much when you start thinking and you hear Lorelai's voice in your head. Sheesh. But I'm on antibiotics and so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to start some things soon. Actually today I will tackle the house and clean until I'm ready to pass out. It's amazing the mess that happens when the big people are incapacitated. And now the little people that made the mess are incapacitated which means I get to clean up. Coffee definitely helped on the energy front.

So I had to go looking for inspiration. And Coastal Living is a good source of that. I really love that magazine since, well, it's coastal *and* there are lots of cottages. Because beach people like the relaxed feel of a cottage. Can you imagine kicking off your flip flops in a big modern space?

This kitchen would be perfect for me if it didn't have the gingham inspired ceiling. I like painted ceilings but this is a bit too country- for me. You might love it. But I love the island and space and white-ness of it. Do you guys like open shelving? I think it looks nice but I can't imagine having it myself. It makes me think that I'd have to rinse whatever dish I was using before I used it- dust you know. I've also found that whatever is up high near the stove gets a greasy, dusty, sticky film on it. Maybe not with this really big vent hood thing. Overall I like the simple, laid-back style and the white makes it look very clean. But not as clean as this one. I love the retro appliances. And the glass fronts on the cabinets are fantastic. I'd have to at least add some brightly colored dishes and small appliances though. Got to have color. Actually this is about perfect. Of course, my favorite color is green so I would love it. But those windows on either side of the stove are fantastic. And I am sort of drooling over the stove. That's another thing I came home inspired to do- cook. Angie (my sister in law) subscribes to a weekly Publix e-mail that sends her recipes for the week along with a shopping list that centers around what's on sale. So she's always making something interesting and new...and I'm pretty much stuck in a 5 dish rut. So as soon as we're all better I'm going to make pesto. Yeah, I know, easy peasy- but I've never made it before and if we all like it then I have 6 dishes that I make. And I'm growing basil again and have to do something with it. But I always imagine that I'd be much more inspired with a stove like this. A girl can dream, can't she? And while my favorite color is green, this shade makes me kind of nauseous. Maybe it looks different when photographed (the sun hitting the island makes the color look less, um, vomitous) but it's really just overload to me. I like the layout though and the cabinets to the ceiling. I'm not sure what the letters are for and I'm not really into that but in a different color (white with bright accents) this one might be my favorite.
So there you have it. My borrowed inspiration. Actually I should have borrowed my inspiration from Mr. Clean because that's what I'll be doing for the next few hours.


Mary said...

Those are very fun. I totally picture you in a bright white kitchen. With some bold splashes of color of course.

I love my kitchen but I never would have picked black counter tops. They are pretty and even practical, but I'm brainstorming "bright" ideas for in here.

Christy said...

Um, hi. I really love the white retro stove.