Friday, July 17, 2009

First Day of Third Grade

Today was Chloe's first day of third grade. And I forgot to get a picture this morning. Why? Because when I got her up this morning, I also checked on Halle who was very hot and when I checked her temp. it read 104.9. Yeah. The last three times she's gotten sick we've had temps like this, before then she was strictly a 102 girl. I didn't freak out like I've done the last couple of times, mostly because she wasn't throwing up this time. I gave her some ibuprofen and some cold water and she was in a really good mood. Which is why I didn't immediately call the doctor. Her temp came down to 104 very quickly and she was joking around and asked for pop tarts. So, yeah, she was OK. But in all the hullabaloo, I forgot to take Chloe's picture. So the pictures from last nights registration will have to do.

She was so excited that she primped all day long. "Mommy does my hair look good like this"? "I think my hair looks good over one eye". "Can I have some lipstick"? "I want to be like Amanda". And therein lies the source of it. She wants to be like Amanda- who didn't care about any of that until she was 11 or 12. I'm so not ready for that.
I did notice a huge difference between this classroom and her last. This one is much more sparse without the bright colorful, school type decorations. Even the rug they sit on is plain. So do kids just outgrow that between 2nd and 3rd grade? They have individual desks instead of the quad tables they've been sitting at and all around the room just says that they're in the big time now.

She did end up having her best friend in her class. I'm not sure how that worked out but I'm glad it did. I am really happy that she's happy and I know we did the right thing by sending her back. I was really unsure about it even as late as this past Monday but Travis and I just made a decision and stuck with it.

Thankfully she wants to go back on Monday. For the last two years she's cried for the first 6 months. If I can avoid that at all then I want to.

And completely off the subject but very yummy are the Ranier cherries,mmmmm. Very sweet and a nice back to school treat. And they're buy one get one free at Publix right now, nice.


Christy said...

I remember that weird thing about third grade with Andrew, too - how suddenly it seems like the school dictates they be big kids. It breaks my little mommy heart :( Ugh. Would that they could stay little and make-up free for so much longer.

Mary said...

How exciting. I've been thinking about her and whether she will enjoy school more this time around. Sounds like a great start.

Sorry about Halle's temperature. Hope it goes down soon and that she continues to act like she's just fine.

Joyce said...

The girls are so very cute...I love looking at their little faces...I guess 'cause they are my grandgirls, huh? And about the cherries, yum! I bought some too....