Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Million O'Clock

No there's no such thing as a million o'clock but it feels like it. We're on our way back and it's 11:36 pm ET. I think Georgia is the longest state ever- it's not but it feels like it. We've been stricken with sickness in the last couple of days. Halle apparently has a double ear infection. She was screaming last night "it hurts deep in my brain"!!! So very sad. It's only her second ear infection *ever*. We're keeping it at bay with an ibuprofen/tylenol every 3 hour switch plus homeopathic ear drops and numbing ear drops that Angie had. I'm hoping we'll be OK through tomorrow so I can take her to the Dr. on Monday- unless the homeopathic ear drops work their magic before then. It's worked for Chloe before but I'm not willing to give them any time past Monday- she's been pretty miserable. And Amanda feels like she has the flu. It's gotten progressively worse during the day.

But I sound like a negative nelly, right? We had a great trip, really. We just got a really late start today because Halle was up so late last night. I think we're close to Chattanooga so I'm expecting to get home around 2am. But at least we get to sleep in our own beds. Pictures and such later...

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