Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Snapshot

Ah, Spring Break-the break we've been waiting for since Christmas break was over. There's really too much to tell so I'll just offer a little overview of what we've been doing at the Button Casa.

This is Spring Girl. Chloe's school had dress up week the week preceding spring break and this is what we came up with. She wanted to be Word Girl but I'm not skilled enough to make a costume. I wanted her to be Vernal Equinox girl but she didn't like that idea. I thought it was clever.

We've taken quite a few walks lately and finally took Travis with us when we walked around the neighborhood close to us. They have a walkway around their lake and back into the woods but I've never gone back there by myself before. And we found the sweetest little stream. Chloe and I climbed across on a log but Trav got stuck helping Halle "go potty". I think I got the better deal.We also took advantage of the beautiful weather to take the kiddos to the park. The fresh air was amazing. And while the girls played, Travis and I had a chance to talk- nearly uninterrupted. And last week I took the kiddos to the zoo. I think that since it's been so cold the animals started missing the people because they really put on a show for us. The monkeys were *loud*. And the giraffe got as close as he possibly could to us. I've been disappointed in the past because they've just hung out at the back of their enclosure but this guy really seemed to like the attention. Amanda really didn't want to leave him.
The Lorikeets were fun, of course.
And all the girls got to feed them.

Even little miss Halle. But I don't have a picture because I was holding her up. Aren't they pretty?

They have a new baby tiger exhibit. Be still my heart! They were just the sweetest things ever. Especially this little one. She got right up at the front of her enclosure and played with her toys to the delight of all of us standing there trying to get pictures. We've really had a nice time although we've been dealing with illness. Halle woke up sick on zoo day (ah the guilt) and it culminated in a 104 degree fever and vomiting Friday morning. A fever that high was not at all unusual for Chloe but Halle has never run a fever that high before. I actually ended up giving her a luke warm shower to get it to come down. My mom used to have to do that to me and it was pure torture. I swore I'd never do that to my own kids but the fever was making her throw up so I couldn't get her to keep down her medicine or cold liquids. The shower worked quickly though and I was grateful. By the time we got to the Dr. she was jumping up and down and acting like her (mostly) normal self. So they tested her for everything and she had...a cold. A cold? Really? All that drama for a cold? Yep. They ruled out strep and the flu and pneumonia- thankfully.
So as soon as this sickness bug passes (I may have picked up something from miss Halle) we'll be back to taking walks and hopefully another zoo venture. I'm looking forward to it.


Mary said...

Great pictures!!! Sounds like fun stuff too. Well, except for the 104 fever thing. That is never fun. I'm loving all this Spring...I'm glad that Miss Spring showed up...she lights up a dull winter doesn't she?

Ms. Tee said...

104 degrees was a cold? I think they might've gotten that diagnosis wrong! I'm so glad she's better, though. What a fun outing with your man and your girls! ;) I hope you get to feeling better quickly, too!

Christy said...

Fun! I love the lorikeets - they're some of my favorite birds.

Ms. Tee said...

Happy Easter! :)