Monday, April 13, 2009

I Meant to Mention...

that I was leaving for Birmingham for the week. So, hey, guess what? I went to Birmingham for the week. It was really a last minute thing but I decided to spend the last week of Chloe's spring break with my parents (she gets 3). I really needed to get out of town but I didn't want to drive to B'ham all by myself, plus I'd be leaving Travis and Amanda with one vehicle so it wouldn't have worked. So Travis and I met mom and dad about half way between here and there and they took the two little girls and I to their house. It was nice and relaxing. We went lots of places and watched *a lot* of Food Network. Chloe was ecstatic to watch Unwrapped. She shushed us when we talked through Iron Chef America. I'll give you a little peek of what we did now because it takes way too long for my computer to upload photos- darn DSL.

See these sweet tulips Travis got me when I was sick? It was so sweet. He had to work all day, go to the store to buy essentials on his way home and still bought flowers for me.This has nothing to do with spring break but this is the view from my bedroom window this time of year. And this year I can actually see it.Our second day into the trip we took the kids to the mall to ride the carousel.What I really want you to notice though is how long their hair is...Because on day 4 we cut it off. Sigh. Chloe has been begging for a while to have her hair cut off for locks of love. She hates her long hair and cries every single time I brush it. Just before we left for B'ham Travis told me to get it cut before he got there because he figured that he couldn't handle watching it. So here are the Button girls with newly short hair. They both love it and Halle no longer has to throw her hair over her shoulder when she goes potty. Yep, it was *that*long. Chloe's hair seems to not have as much curl and Halle's hair seems a lot thicker and less blonde. But my not cutting their hair won't keep them from growing up, will it?So there's more updating to do and I'll get to it shortly.


Tisra said...


They're short hair is SOOOOO CUTE! I know all the emotional connections with hair. But, by cutting it- you're telling them that their beauty doesn't depend on hair, and that they can be FREE from such thoughts in the future.

'Cause, all three of your daughters are beautiful regardless of their locks. (and how cool that Chloe donated to locks of love!)

So glad you had a great trip. Park this week?

Ms. Tee said...

Awwww, they look so cute! And how sweet of them to do the locks of love! My neighbor does that and I think it's the neatest thing ever.
I looooveee the tulips, too! They look so pretty spaced out in vases like that. And love the view from your *new* windows - beautiful!

Christy said...

Oh my! I *adore* that they donated their hair! Emma will NOT let me cut hers.
We have missed you in blog land and I'm looking forward to your updates :)

Mary said...

They are sooooo cute! Did Travis survive it okay? :)

I would have a hard time cutting it too, but Locks of Love is such a good justification. Besides...they can always grow more.

Tracy Mock said...

What a thing they wanted to do donating their hair!!!!! Emily & I did it 2 years ago and we felt so good knowing we would help some one who really needed it.