Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Walk

This morning I went for a walk. Yep, I was surprised too. I dropped Chloe off at school and came home and wanted to go back to sleep. I thought I could read my Bible and pray...and drift off to sleep, because that is surely what would happen. Or I could take 45 minutes to myself and have a nice walk. It was 37 degrees but it was that cold that you know won't hang around. And it was crazy-foggy outside. So I headed off and noticed how very many dogs we have in our neighborhood; they're a noisy bunch. And I headed off to the picture-perfect-disney-esque neighborhood across the street.

White picket fences and all... I really love the style of homes they have there and I daydream of living in something like it one day. But they only have tiny little side yards and well, I want the kids to have room to play and I like to grow stuff so it would have to be something else that looks like this.
The forsythia is in full bloom. I don't know if this stuff grows in Florida. I love it.
And as I walked around their "lake" I noticed a few perfectly formed spider webs that had caught plenty of dew.
I really tried to catch the steam of the fog and dew being burned off by the sun. It was so nice and relaxing. The birds were singing again (I forget that we miss that all winter) and it was just wonderful. I'm thinking of doing it again tomorrow.


Mary said...

I love that neighborhood too. We registered last year for the St. Jude home there. AWESOME!!! I don't like the yard thing either and I really didn't like the idea of hiking up a full flight of stairs from the garage with lots of groceries. Not to mention the hour long drive to church at least three times a week...this week it would be five. Nope...just can't live in Franklin unless God tells us to change churches. Maybe that's why we didn't win it.

Christy said...

Beautiful! I love your pictures. I almost feel like I went on your walk with you :)
Yeah - those homes are beautiful, but I require a little more breathing room than that.

Amy said...

Mary, this neighborhood is literally across the street- I'm pretty sure the St. Jude house was at Westhaven. Of course, it's easy to mistake the two because the houses look the same. This neighborhood doesn't have all the amenities that Westhaven does either. Yeah, you'd have to drive an hour to church plus all the meetings you guys go to. You'd have to leave at 5 to get to the 6am prayer meeting- wow! Not really practical.

Mary said...

I didn't think the location seemed accurate but yes, it looked the same.

Ms. Tee said...

What a pretty neighborhood - it looks like the perfect place to raise a family. I'm with you, though - I need a bigger yard for the kids. :) I really like your new header, by the way!