Friday, March 06, 2009

Poor Halle and Pictures

My poor little Halle. Last night she dove onto my bed and unfortunately her head hit the edge of my metal sewing box. It's not really a sewing box but a decorative box that a Christmas gift came in a couple of years ago. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because of all the crying but when I saw the goose-egg I was concerned and in need of ice. I lamented the fact that we have none in the house and Chloe ran down the hallway only to reappear a few seconds later with a bag of frozen peas in hand and a triumphant look on her face. It really was a life saver. Out of all of my kids, Halle is the one that has had more bruises and owies than any other. I really hope she outgrows it. She did agree to let me take her picture though so I knew it wasn't *that* bad. Today it's just a bruise.

Here's the ginormous dumpster I talked about yesterday. And unfortunately it's still here today. I'm not sure when it's leaving. But I wanted to show you all Chloe's "crazy hair". All week there's been a celebration of Dr. Seuss and yesterday was Crazy Hair Day. We did it on Wednesday night because there's no way we'd have enough time to do it in the morning. She was really happy about it.

And from the back...cute, huh?

And look, I'm actually, really sewing. I don't remember if this is before or after the machine freaked out. I just came back from Wal-Mart with a seam ripper so I can finish the apron. I also got some really cute fabric from the $1.50 table for a couple of dresses for each of the girls and one for a skirt for me plus a pattern. I'm kind of scared to work on the skirt so I'll see how the kids dresses go first. If I don't think I can do it then I'll just make something for the girls out of the last fabric too. Trav is pretty wiped out from a really rough couple of weeks at work so I think I'm going to finish the-very-last-block for Kyleigh and the two aprons so that I can work on the dresses. I love starting projects but I really don't like finishing them. I get bored.
And lastly, here's our roof. It's not quite finished here but that's pretty much what it looks like- minus the ones hanging from the roof. It's actually even a little bit lighter than what it looks like here. Amanda doesn't like it and neither does Chloe and the jury is still out on whether Trav likes it or not. I think I like it- it's just really, really hard to pick a shingle from a tiny little square on a page. It's like picking a paint color from a swatch. Amanda thinks it makes the whole house look a bit too orange. I do wonder if painting the barn facade a different color would help. I've even thought about painting the brick. If we were going to live here another 5 years then I would but it's too big of a job and I really don't see us getting around to that.
Now I'm off to do some projects...


Christy said...

I love Chloe's crazy hair! It looks great. And poor Halle :( I understand. I am awfully prone to booboos myself. I have been assured that it's an endearing trait.
Picking out roofing stuff is so hard. I always figure that I can't really see it from this close to the ground anyway. It's a benefit of being short.
Way to go on all that sewing mojo! Keep it up! I can't wait to see what you make.

Mary said...

Amanda doesn't like it and neither does Chloe...that reminds me of when my parents bought new carpet and I hated it. It really bothered me that I might hurt their feelings when they seemed to like it so much. I cried.

I think it looks good and I do think a different color on the facade would help with the orange factor...but only when you're up for another project...which may be which looks fine.

Love Chloe's hair!!!!

MOM said...

WOW....what a goose egg. Do you remember how many walls Jon got when he was little? He busted his head open at K-Mart when he was in the cart. Love Chloe's hair, it's something that's right up her alley. The roof looks a 100 times better and maybe a little paint would tone down the orange. It's much better than the black.

Ms. Tee said...

So sorry your daughter fell and hit her head! Thankfully she is better now. :) I love the crazy hair - so cute. And your roof looks good, too. It's so rewarding when you see a project that big getting completed, isn't it!