Thursday, February 09, 2006

Very Quickly

I can't get my new computer or actually Picasa to upload pics from my camera and it's taken up a lot of time this week. So very quickly...

Got a new blender- yay- I love Kohls!
Planted flower seeds and they are actually growing- unlike our lemon tree experiment.
Got new lipstick from Garden Botanika- so awesome. I swear someday I'll learn how to do the link thing.
Did another scrapbook page.
Going to sewing party-must go get ingredients or be a slacker and buy something already made.
Go to the Post Office.
Must fix hair while Halle is napping.

I'll do better later....


mary said...

New Blender, flowers, new lipstick, scrapbooking...It's Amy Cleaver! All kidding aside. Can't wait to see everyone tonight. Hope I can get my house presentable.

Amy said...

Yeah, I know. It's not really what I thought I wanted out of life but it makes me happy. I had fun tonight too!