Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bedtime and Mocha

Saturday Trav and I decided to "get a little crazy" and go out after our bedtime, or at least close to it. We put the girls down by 8:30 and headed out to Starbucks. We hadn't tried this approach before but it worked very well. Typically when we have Amanda watch the girls Halle cries incessantly and I'm stressed out the whole time because I'm expecting a phone call at any second. But since she was in bed and typically sleeps without any interruptions I was able to relax and enjoy the company. The music and atmosphere were great, the coffee drink not so much. I guess that's what I get for trying something new. Or because I tried something "lite"- yuck! The downside is that we stayed out kind of late and ended up going to the late service at church which takes up a lot of the day. The advantage to going late is that everybody is fed, dressed, brushed, and not stressed. The downside, as I just mentioned, is missing a lot of the day.

Speaking of church, we've been going to New Song for the last several weeks and are really enjoying it. The pastor is doing a series on Abiding in the Vine and we're getting a lot out of it. The kicker is that Amanda told me that she likes it! And I'll tell you that if things don't fit Amanda's agenda she typically doesn't like it. So this is a huge big deal. Oh, and I failed to mention that Amanda told me that she likes it without me bringing it up-hmmm, interesting. It was also very cool that the week before last Chloe came home singing,
Mercy is falling is falling is falling
Mercy is falling is falling is falling
Mercy is falling is falling is falling
(something unintelligible-sounds like on you or ub you)
Hey, oh, streams of mercy (sung while running around the living room chair and dancing)
repeat, repeat
And this week she told us about the vine and the branches and Jesus is the vine. I'm excited that she comes home from church and has learned a lot.

We haven't been to Life Groups yet and Amanda hasn't been to the youth group yet so we'll see how that goes.

And in more news...
Chloe spilled and entire glass of water on my old computer. I say "old computer" but up until Saturday it was the computer I used on a regular basis. All of my pictures were in it and I'm more than a little frustrated. She wasn't supposed to have a drink while on the computer but she doesn't always obey- I know it's hard to fathom that. In her defense though since we don't currently have our computer desk the kitchen table is also serving as a computer station so the rules are a little "murky". Anyway, on the upside Trav thinks he can get the pics off my old hard drive and I'm now using a slightly newer computer that Travis rescued from work or something. And he was holding out on me. He just installed a much, much larger hard drive that he had stashed away so I have lots more space for pics. He actually has worked on it since Saturday night and it's been an ordeal but it worked out ok.

I also completed two scrapbook pages, my first ever! I don't really love scrap booking but I like having pictures saved and documented and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that's going to do it. I don't know we'll see how it goes. They do look nice though.

I guess that's enough rambling for now. I will ramble much more later...


Tisra said...

Correction: Abiding and Abounding...and I missed two weeks! ha. :-) Glad you guys are getting something out of New Song, whether it ends up being "the place" for you or not. I was really impressed with how they do worship and lessons for even the wee ones (starting at 2)when we first started going, and now I think "Why *wouldn't* a church do that?". Dean has really surprised me with how much he absorbs at his age. Great idea with the babysitting thing...I bet Amanda felt less stressed, too. Wow about the scrapbooking. You've impressed me and made me feel guilty all in one go! :-)

Amy said...

Oops! Well, you get the jist of it anyway. Yeah, for the sake of not "name dropping" I left out the fact that "PJ" actually taught her that song. Not that it's a huge big deal but is still cool. And Chloe seems to absorb so much more and I wondered if it was a church thing or an age thing. I guess there's no way to test that.

Don't feel guilty about scrapbooking. I've only done 2 pages and I'll probably never knit- even though I saw some really cute yarn at Michael's that would make positively adorable scarves for Chloe.

Tracy Mock said...

CARAMEL CAFE LATE - Dont do the light crap! YUCK!!!!! That is funny about Chloe and that song. When Zack was totting around I heard him in the bath one nigh "In the name of the father, the son, and in the tub you Go".... I was curious and peeked around the corner. He had his little toys lined up on the side baptizing them. They learn and do absorb more than we realize! I'm glad you have found a good church that everyone likes. Especially Amanda. She is at such a fragile age where they can be so mislead by this world. Your a good mom!

LaDonna said...

Great idea about going out after the kids are in bed! That might be something you can to often.

Another advantage of having an older child that can watch the little ones while they are asleep.