Friday, December 02, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know everybody is busy this time of year and I'm no exception. The sad thing is I'm not busy with Christmas stuff yet. I mean, I should be busy with that because there's plenty to do but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I have Christmas cards to write and send, cookies to bake, presents to buy, and an endless list of housekeeping things to do and I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. So I'm going to have to really buckle down and forget having much relaxing time until we get to FL for Christmas! I don't know if I'd mentioned that our Christmas present from Trav's parents is money for a trip to Fl. Everybody is sooo excited. We haven't been to FL in more than 2 years so this will be really nice.

There really is so much to report especially on the Halle front. When I get a chance I'm going to post our life in pics because we really have done a lot lately. But anyway, where to start? I could start with teeth- she's had an eruption lately! She had been working on getting her bicuspids (I'm pretty sure that's what they are) and it took them about 3 months from the time you could see them before they actually broke through. So, I wasn't really paying attention to the rest of her mouth. But I noticed on Monday that she was getting two more teeth in the bottom to match the ones on the top and yesterday I put my finger in her mouth and felt a molar that had broken through! Then on closer inspection I realized that she's getting 4 molars! It's not as soon as Chloe got hers (6 months which is freakishly early) but I think she's still 6mths ahead of schedule.

And since we're talking about teeth, Chloe has had a loose tooth for about a month! I'm so bummed! From time to time I check on how loose it is- you know wiggle it- and when I did that the other day I noticed that the new adult tooth has already broken through. Then I checked the baby tooth next to it and sure enough, it was loose too! My poor little four year old is already losing teeth. Travis was just like that as a kid and had to have braces and extra teeth pulled and all sorts of bad stuff so I really hope that Chloe doesn't have to go through that. My teeth are pretty straight and I haven't had any work done so hopefully she'll at least get that from me.

This has been an eventful and busy week and one of those reasons is that Mary had her baby a month early. The birth and subsequent events have been recorded in at least 3 blogs so I won't recap but we were able to visit Kris and Mary last night and even though we were in the NICU waiting room we had a great time. You wouldn't have thought we were there because their son isn't completely well. But I've written this at least 3 times today but I'll write it again, that is a gorgeous little boy they have and I can hardly wait for him to get well and go home!

We have Lael's 1st birthday party tonight and I'm excited to go. Don't tell her but I bought a little prince and princess set because I wanted her to have a truly girlie toy and bought bright pink wrapping paper and a large pink bow and a card with ladybugs. After so many years of buying boys things for the Fadely boys I think Tisra will like the girlie-ness of it all. I don't think Lael will notice so, I guess the girlie gift is as much for Tisra as it is for Lael.

Well, I shall go now as I have a poopie diaper to change and children to feed. But hey, it's a gorgeous day!


mary said...

Thanks for hanging out with us last night. Our visitors are perfect distractions and you guys were especially appreciated.

Amy said...

Well, it was fun as usual. To hear us talking and laughing you wouldn't think we were there for your kid. And, again, I just love Ivan and can't wait until he's well.

Tracy Mock said...

I hope to see you all in Florida. We will be there from the 16th to the 30th! Call me when you are down there and lets do an afternoon of girlie stuff! It will be years before the sun, moon, and stars line back up like this. I mean you never know our next military tour could be oversea's. Love you!

Tisra said...

The teeth! I can't believe it. The party (and girlie present) was a hit. I only wish I could have chatted more with you guys.

Amy said...

Tracy-We will be in town the 23rd through the Jan 1. We'll be back and forth between LKLD and Riverview. We definitely need to get together!

Tisra- We had so much fun! I wish we could have chatted more too but on the upside Trav and I really liked your other friends. It was nice to meet new people and visit with OLD friends too ;)

Tisra said...

Travis is just excited to have met Chris, who works at Big Idea.

Amy said...

Well, he definitely was excited that he Chris works for Big Idea but he liked him before he knew that. And we spent quite a bit of time talking to Josh and Jenny, they're a riot!

I do recall Trav saying he loved Chris though and I think he and Amanda have packed their sleeping bags for the studio ;)