Monday, December 12, 2005

Our Life in Pictures

I was looking back through my blog a few days ago and realized that I hadn't posted any pictures since July! Of course, it's not as important now since we've moved back and our friends see us regularly but it was also a way for me to not have to try to come up with something interesting/witty to write.

Well, Chloe lost her first tooth Thursday night. It had been loose for quite a while and finally she just couldn't eat with it in her mouth because it hurt. So I asked if I could pull it and she gave me the standard reply- No, it will fall out alla by itself. Since I'd been trying to get her to acquiesce to my pulling it for a couple of days to no avail I decided to try another angle- You know that if I pull your tooth it wont hurt anymore and you can put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will bring you money. Well, that was it she decided that the tooth would come out immediately. She helped me tie the dental floss around it and I expected her to back out or beg me not to (flashback to Amanda's first lost tooth) but she never did. After one quick yank the tooth was out! Her gum was bleeding some and I thought she'd freak out (like her big sis) but she didn't she just held a cloth on it until I said to take it off. She then, in typical Chloe fashion, thanked me profusely for pulling her tooth:

Thank you so much Mommy for pulling my tooth, it doesn't hurt anymore, now I will get a Tooth Fairy Coin!

A Tooth Fairy Coin! Priceless!


Tisra said...

So how much did the tooth fairy bring?

Amy said...

The tooth fairy brough a quarter. I remember trying to talk my parents into a dollar or two after I figured out who the tooth fairy was but I was much older than Chloe. And she gave me an "out" since she assumed she would be getting a coin.

mary said...

Woo hoo! What a brave girl. I love the tooth fairy coin.