Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Halle!!!

I would have loved to post this yesterday on her actual birthday but it just didn't happen. Halle had a wonderful birthday party complete with friends, food, and her very own smash cake made by yours truly. I've never made my girls birthday cakes before but in an effort to be thrifty I decided I'd do it this year. I've wanted to make their cakes but always thought I'd have to buy too many tools thus being cost prohibitive but I opted for simplicity and bought funfetti cake and icing and a can of decorator icing that comes with its own decorator tips and I was in business. It wasn't perfect or extrordinary but I was happy with the way it turned out and Halle seemed quite happy as well. The Kelsos and Fadelys joined us for a BIG party considering the size of our apartment but it was nice having everyone here- LOUD but nice. I found myself being a little hoarse from trying to "yell" over everyone else.

Her actual birthday was not as much fun for her since she got shots that she's been behind on and then had to spend four hours at the mall with Mommy and Daddy who were frantically trying to catch up on Christmas shopping before we go out of town. She made sure to alert us to her displeasure as well as all those around us- that was fun! She didn't have any birthday cake but she had some cranberry brulee chiller from Gloria Jean's and a pretzel from Auntie Anne's and that helped make some things better.

And I'd like to take this opportunity to brag on Amanda. I was really busy yesterday with a Dr.'s appt., working out, and Christmas shopping so I wasn't that much help with the ton of laundry that has to be done before we leave and she worked from the time she got up until after we got home last night doing laundry and cleaning without being asked!!! When we got home the house was completely spotless! She really does so much around here so I rewarded her by telling her she's never allowed to move out. Seriously though, I think I'd have a nervous breakdown if she wasn't here.

So, Florida...I feel relaxed already. It's supposed to be in the 70's on Christmas day and I can honestly say that I'm glad it won't be cold. I can hardly wait to walk on the beach, stick my toes in the sand, and walk in the water- if the water's not too cold. There are a hundred places I want to visit but obviously we won't be able to in the amount of time we'll be there but I'm sure we'll be able to visit several and I can hardly wait!!! Well, I'm off now to pack some shorts and T-Shirts :)

Merry Christmas and Tisra, enjoy your Holiday Cake! Posted by Picasa


mary said...

Ever since I met Amanda I've wanted one of my own. She's the best.

Amy said...

Isn't she though!?! Unfortunately there's only one...and I've got her mwahahaha!!

Tisra said...

Halle's party was such fun and the cakes looked great. I had to laugh at your assumption that making a cake required all sorts of tools. I'm not much of a cake maker, but a simple frosted cake with sprinkles is perfect. In fact, I think I told Mary ten times, but Owen's "2" cake was stunning! And how simple was that?!

Have a wonderful time with everyone. What a treat to be able to go to Florida and thaw out a bit. I was never a beach girl when i lived 15 minutes from the ocean, but now I appreciate the idea of warmer weather- at least in those achingly cold last days of winter in February. By then, my patience is UP.

Seriously, my comment is too long. Have a Happy Christmas!

Forever Amber said...

I hope Madison grows up to be as sweet and helpful as Amanda. Have a great time in Florida! I'm jealous. I'm staying here this year for a cold, wet Nashville Christmas.

Tisra said...

Thinking of you- hope you're having an amazing time!

Joyce said...

I love this picture--can I have one???